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cease fire? what cease fire?

Oh good, a truce!

Islamic militant terrorist groups signed an agreement to halt attacks on Israelis for three months, a senior official of Yasser Arafat's Fatah faction said Wednesday -- a possible breakthrough for the U.S.-backed peace plan. An official with the Hamas militant group, however, said the deal was not final.

Should we start taking bets on when these militant terrorist groups will break the ceasefire? My spidey sense is tingling and it tells me...

Wait...hang on.....

Got it:

Shortly after word of the cease-fire, Israel sent helicopters to carry out an airstrike against what it said was a squad of Hamas militants terrorists preparing to carry out a rocket attack.

They didn't even give me enough time to offer a "Break the Truce" contest.


Don't forget the Arab they just caught with 10 kilos of explosives in his bookbag.

I offered one up, and I think Roverpundit's guess of a negative number of days was the best one.

The "cease fire" is no doubt damage control, because everyone's favorate Hamas leader/pediatrition said earlier in the day that the United States (not Israel) is the Palestinian People's (and Hamas') biggest enemy (Israel is #2 now!)

I guess the slightly saner heads at Hamas decided that declaring war on the US wasn't such a wonderful idea when we have so many troups activated nearby and they came up with a statement saying that they have to recognize that they can't destroy Israel right now and should accept the creation of a state. That's the most effective damage control I can imagine.

Lying to westerners works so damn well, that last time Arafat told a couple of bald faced lies (and immediately recanted them), we gave him a fucking nobel peace prize and his own PA to oppress his people and attack Israel with. How could Hamas resist playing the same game when the pressure gets so great?

As I recall, Sharon's agreement with Abbas did not include a truce, it specified something more along the lines of disarmament and dissolution.
A truce only means that, if the Israelis went along with it, Hamas and all those other truceful people would have time and elbow room to get a second wind.

Seth has it right: Hamas no more. Israel is using it as a great misdirection though (like the magician that draws your attention over here while the real thing is going on over there). As long as the terror groups keep talking and Abbas doesn't take on the police responsibility, Israel is methodically wiping them out.