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James Lileks is being cryptic.

Why yes, I am being oblique, and I will remain so until things shake out. Donít worry - Iím not fired; we havenít been evicted from Jasperwood. Everyoneís fine, but everything is different now, and how this will affect the Bleat Iíve no idea. If all turns out as I expect, nothing will change, but for a while you might expect shorter stuff and more throughout-the-day, posted-at-night quasi-blogging.

One can assume many things from today's Bleat. And, as I mentioned yesterday, you can read anything you want into a few words if you have your mind set on it.

So let's do the assuming, shall we? James is talking about:

A) Someone at, lets say the Star-Tribune, has their panties in a wad over the fact that James has a weblog in which he spouts metaphorically and literally about the scumbags of the world in no uncertain terms.

B) Someone named either James or Lileks or Mr. Bleat has taken umbrage with James over the naming of his weblog and sent an anonymous fax to his boss containing all kinds of sinister innuendos about Mr. Lileks.

C) Rumsfeld decided that James is a Threat to National Security because he makes us laugh and we all know that once we laugh, the terrorists have won.

D)It's all just ploy. See, James spent his life's savings on toys for his Mac and is now dead broke. In a few days he'll implore us all to donate to his paypal account at his new website, savelileks.com, so Gnat doesn't have to eat nothing but pre-packaged crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the rest of her young days. He'll then take the 80 grand he makes from this and escape to a faraway tropical island, where he will drink pina coladas and form a mariachi band with Andrew Sullivan and record it all on his Mac.

Come to think of it, that's probably what all that "Photoshop Lileks" nonsense was about. He was looking for clever disguises so he can hide out without being noticed.

You be the judge. Me, I'm going with a combination of all of the above. It's just easier that way, and no matter what, I'll be partially correct.

UPDATE: Lileks tells Treacher:

Thanks for asking. Most everything is fine, and what isn't will be soon. And this has nothing to do with my job vs. my website, as some are speculating. Nor is this Moxiesque in any way.

More tomorrow, I hope.

So obviously, it comes down to either C) Rumsfeld or D) sipping girly drinks with Sullivan. I knew he was up to no good!


And on a completely unrelated topic, I hear they found Baghdad Bob.

I'm so happy he's safe and may have a bright future at CNN.

Saaaaayyyyyy....you don't think this is related to the Lileks thing, do you?

Hmmmm, Ken may be onto something here. When you think about it, you never saw Lileks or Sahaf together, and both of them talked at length about Saddam Hussein. If Sahaf and Lileks are, indeed, one and the same, it makes sense that the Bleat may be shorter now, what with the interrogations and such.

"The Gnat did not just fill her diaper with a spicy pantsload! Never! She is as potty trained and the great and glorious Saddam, whose buttcheeks, as always, remain clean of dirt and grit!"

On a completely related topic, I will throw in another possibility: that this has something to do with Mrs. Lileks' place of employment.

That said, let me also say that this is pure speculation on my part and has no evidence or basis in reality at all, and that I am completely unqualified to remark on the matter.

I just thought I'd throw it out there.

Wouldn't tie in w/the moxie stuff going on now, would it?

Oblique is right. Our very own "Nostrajamesus"

Michele, I think it's time to gird for the coming battle to "reinstate" Truthful James. Ready the arms and person the battlements! Unlimber the emails, the side-bar stickers, donation clickers, and the screed-a-pults. Rise up O rightous host of the Blogosphere, from I-man to Misha and all the blogs between.

What is the Star-Trib against such?

Could it be the revenge of Bea Arthur?


You left out zombies. Zombies are involved somehow. I just know it.

What time does he post the bleats, I wonder. Just after midnight?

Sadly, JJ is right on the money. Here's hoping things shake out in a positive way soon.