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Hulk! Bush! Stone Throwing! Moral Relativsm!

Henry pointed me towards this stunning review of Hulk:

"When I lose control, I like it," ashamed scientist Bruce Banner confesses in one scene. Considering the military context of the film, it's hard not to hear this as an expression of the public's own collective excitement when the United States "Hulks out" at an undermatched foe, especially since the movie's major special-effects sequence could almost be a sci-fi reimagining of Operation Desert Storm or its sequel. As one general observes: "There's a lot of powerful people want in on this. There's money to be made - lots of it."

And yes, the desert scenes are set in the American West; but why does Danny Elfman's music score erupt with Arabic-sounding ululations if not to make us think of the Middle East?

Anyone can find the meaning they are looking for in just about any film, book or song. I'm only 100 pages into the new Harry Potter and I'm sure that I could twist and turn every passage in my mind until I discover the Rowling's hidden messages of abortion, murder, drunk driving and gay marriage. No, they're not there but, like the Bible, anyone can take a few simple words and morph them into something else. You see what you want to see.

I don't know anyone else who sat through Hulk and had thoughts about Iraq or Bush. But when you have an agenda and you need ways to get your point across, you find the oddest ways to do so. Either that, or the reviewer was eating some tasty shrooms before the show.

This reminds me of the anti-semites on Indymedia, who will decipher every single article about the Middle East that isn't pro-Pals to be Zionist conspiracy theories. They delve deep into every report out of the White House and come up with their hands filled with right-wing secret cabals and Murder ala 1600.

It's a symptom of moral equivalency, really, which is a disease that rots the brain of once rational human beings and causes them to experience hallucinations and delusions of righteousness that prove them to be morally superior to anyone who doesn't think like them.

Saying things like "I didn't throw a baby out a window, therefore I am a really good person" is just one side effect of the sickness, as is rationalizing blowing up babies at bus stops just because the leaders of the country those babies live in went after the head of a terrorist organization. It doesn't work unless your brain has been so clouded by propaganda and baseless accusations that you can't separate them from fact anymore.

How does this tie in with a political review of Hulk? They're both part of the larger picture; a world where people can justify their hatred and loathing by calling it editorializing, a world where one will go to any lengths to get their deluded points across.

If the agendas-within-movie-reviews and the moral relativism in the guise of editorial comics and the throwing stones from your own glass house don't work, just repeat the exercise ad infitum, like Ted Rall. If you do it long enough, some dreg will crawl out of the woodwork and agree with you. And then you can claim your moral victory.


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Doesn't EVERY Danny Elfman film score have "arabic sounding ululations" in it? I'd love to know what this guy thought of fuckin' BEETLEJUICE.

I totally agree. Am I a dreg?

i hate Bush as much as anybody, but puh-LEEZ. this is the freakin Hulk. dude needs to get a muthafuckin grip!

Elfman is a raving lefty--read the lyrics off his solo album.
Pretty good tunes, tho.