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this is my boomstick!

Thank you ever so much to the person (I don't know if he wants to be identified or not so until I hear otherwise, he won't be) who sent me both Army of Darkness (Boomstick Edition) and Evil Dead II (Special Edition). Our collection of all Evil Dead trilogy movies and every incarnation of the DVDs they put out is now complete.

We'll be forcing the kids to watch AOD once again tonight. Those kids are gonna learn to be cultured, damn it!

Thank you :)


dude! those are practically my favorite movies! it is definetly my favorite trilogy. hell, i go out looking for bruce campbell and sam raimi stuff just because of evil dead.

like the x-files episode last night with bruce campbell.

You'd be the one to ask about this - was having a discussion the other day and it's been bugging me...which one of the Dead movies ends with the guy getting attacked after the sun rose? That scared the hell out of me when I was younger...you're always taught that once the sun comes up you're safe.

I'm a scary movie wuss these days otherwise I'd rent them myself and watch them again. Does that ending ring a bell at all?

Now all you need is to pick up "Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick" for the Playstation 2.

i don't know if this makes me more of a geek or less of a geek, but i have never seen either of those movies.

probably both.

valentines day, junior year of high school, my girlfriend at the time gave me the AOD movie poster that she had swindled out of the local Sam Goody window. That was the Kool Factor on it: it had the reverse image printed on the b-side so the sun shining through the window wouldn't distort/reflect the graphic.

She was annoying as hell, but that was a dope gift.

Best. Horror. Comedies. EVER.

Damn, but those movies rock. And the PS2 game isn't half bad either. Its no work of art, but for 20$ you too can engage in insane deadite carnage... And those ancestors of Ash's are hilarious...

Natalie: That's Evil Dead I.
And, I guess, part of the beginning of ED II.

Must make sure the kids don't grow up to be primitive screwheads.
The evil dead movies and Peter Jackson's "Bad Taste" hold a special place in my DVD collection.

don't forget to round out your collection with bruce campbell's book 'if chins could kill'...priceless sam and bruce anecdotes!

I quite possibly have memorized all three movies...and have even carved my own Necronomicon...no I am not a freak, just a huge fan! also, in the P2 game True Crime, the main character says "THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK!", which i thought was cool...