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hillary, thy name is.....

So, is Doug Marlette sending a message here or are some of us just reading too much into it?

Look closely. Closer. See what I mean? No? Here's a hint.

it's not the words, it's the image



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hahahaha :D

I love it! I'm printing it out and sending it to my mom (The Original Hillary Hater).

OhmyGAWD!! I see it! LOLOL! I hope you don't mind if I save that pic too!

i rather doubt that it's accidental...

mwa ha ha ha

LMAO! I can't believe that's just an accident.

That's not very nice... mmph heehee _

That is just precious!


Nope, totally disagree. I love subversion but pusillanimously labelling a female with the "c"-word is just hairy-palmed and derogatory, whatever your politics. I showed the cartoon to my teenage sons - neither one exactly backward in the potty mouth department and they both thought it stunk.

Lighten up Jody. Don't ya just love people who use unnecessarily big words to obfuscate the fact that they have no sense of humor?

still laughing from cartoon

"labelling a female with the "c"-word is just hairy-palmed and derogatory, whatever your politics"

If the letter fits...

Hey Faith,Fair point. But I don't like women being called "c****s. That's all! And it is cowardly to embed a sexist insult via graphic sleight of hand. "Lighten up" is the argumentative equivalent of "get over it" or "move on". Little intellectual fodder for debate, frankly. Objectifying a woman by her pudenda is nasty. It is sniggery - not satire and VERY high school. Do you want to be called a "c****?" I sure don't.

I don't like the term, either.

Cunts are beautiful, wondrous things.

Hillary and Maxine Waters, to name but two who would qualify, are neither.

In it's original use, the word "cunt" meant "a holy and revered place". As such, it is definitely out of place as an insult. Just goes to show what utter twits a lot of people are in this world.

You know what they say... You are what you eat.

The word "nigger" comes from the Latin "niger" (pronounced exactly the same way) meaning "black."
So I guess it's not an insult, then...?

In the modern sense of the "c" word, as used as an insult, Hillary! qualifies.

Jody, I was in no way commencing an intellectual debate over your lack of a sense of humor.

I'm not a big fan of the c word, but in Hillary's case, I can make an exception.

I hope for Marlette's sake Hillary never becomes president. Otherwise, a visit from the IRS is inevitable (if she is anything like Bill, and I fear she is).

If anyone needs further evidence to support the "theory" that Hillary's a cunt, just check out one of dictionary.com's "use it in a sentence" examples:


n 1: a woman who is thoroughly disliked; "she said her son thought Hilary was a bitch" [syn: bitch]"

No I didn't make that up.

Darn liberal media....

That was no accident. It leapt right out of the cartoon at me before I could even read what you had written.

Too, too funny. Hate that word myself, but I agree with Faith. In the case of Hillary, exception granted!

Clint Black used the same device on his album covers. Especially when Clint is spelled ALL CAPS.


Never name a son Clint.