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parody or bitterness? you be the judge

Well, someone has a lot of time on their hands. And I think they have a secret crush on both me and Jim Treacher.


I think the parody of your site, Michele, is hilarious. The less said about the other, the better.

Actually, I thought that both of the parodies sucked. No subtlety or intelligence at all.


Actually, I thought it was pretty funny too. Michele, I think this means you have DEFINITELY arrived!! If somebody cares enough to spend that much time making a parody of your site, you're doing the right thing!!

I think you crashed the site. Oopsie!

The ASV parody was decent in parts, but the Treacher parody just blew. It needed SEKK-Z, among other things.

The ASV parody was kinda funny, but only wimps criticize anonymously.

It should serve as a warning when any piece of material describes itself as "whacky" or "zany," let alone "wacky and zany."

"The Parodist" gets two thumbs down (my left and my right).

You mean those aren't the rules of your blog? Are you sure? They looked right to me.

Actually, imitation is a sincere form of flattery - even if it is more of a Bizarro imitation of Superman (or should I say Supergirl?).

someone is way toooo jealous of the fact that YOU RULE!!!!!And he has no cred simply because he left out Mr P.

Eh. I was underwhelmed. By both parodies.

How can you be so calm in the face of such an insult? I mean... He used FRAMES on your page!!

Those parodies were lame.

Very lame. Not even funny. Simply pathetic. No wonder it is unsigned.

The fact that the host is GeoShitty kinda says it all, I do believe. Lame beyond belief.

You have tits? When'd this happen? Why does nobody ever tell me these things?