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playing with moonbats again: moral equivalence edition

I hate to link to another piece of "art" by the notorious anti-semite Latuff, but I will, just to make a point.

[Click for the full picture. Image from Nazimedia, of course]How long can the pro-Palestinian contingent go on justifying the purposeful killing of innocent Israelis? In order to view a bus bombing as moral equivalence for killing a leader of a terrorist organization, you must have some deeply screwed morals.

Once again, I leave it up to you to detect all the things that are wrong with this picture.

Meanwhile, Meryl takes down a moonbat from the Zayed center, and the Pals are scared of Condi


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Ok, first of all, "I'm result of occupation"? They can't even get the English right.

Second, Edgar Allen Poe was not a suicide bomber.

Third, the idea that terrorist attacks are a result of the occupation is just plain wrong. Exhibit A: The PLO was formed 3 years before the West Bank came under Israeli conrol.

Do these remind anyone else of Jack Chick comics? I expect to see someone screaming, "Yaaaaaaa!" as he dies any minute now.

The English looks like it could have been written by the "All Your Base Are Belong to Us" school...

Europeans seem to share much of the same moral ambiguity that can look at a car bombing and see a political act rather than terrorism. The political wing of Hamas is still recognized by France, and the French are still saying that Hamas is essential to the political peace process... Chuckleheads.

there are times that i think moonbats exist simply to give bloggers fodder. this is one of those times. i mean, they can't really be that stupid, can they?

oh god, now i have to go hide my head in the sand for a few hours....eep!

I read Meryl before I came here. "Moonbat" is being charitable, but I have to say that blood-in-the-hamantaschen sounds a lot more reasonable than the usual line, blood-in-the-matzah, which I'm convonced was started by someone who'd never tried matzah (personally, I think a little blood would be an improvement....)