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lisa lisa

My baby sister's birthday was Saturday. Normally, I dedicate birthday posts to people on their birthdays, but seeing as that she usually doesn't read on the weekend, I decided to wait until today.

Some of you know Lisa from this blog. She often comments, and she has made a post here and there. She is my idea editor during the day and she is my Photoshop guru during the day as well.

Let me tell you a little about Lisa.

She is the one who locked me in a closet when I was younger just to see if I was really claustrophobic.

She is the one who broke my Bay City Rollers record and blamed it on our other sister, Jo-Anne, and didn't confess this until two years ago.

She is the reason I hate hair metal because I had to spend quite a few years listening to the shrieking of Motley Crue and Poison coming from her bedroom day after day.

However, she is also the one who sang the Dead Milkmen's Watching Scotty Die with me to my parents, acting out the whole song.

She is the one who wrote several songs with me when we formed our fake band, Pond Scum. My favorite song was:

Save the whales
Save the whales
Send your money
Through the mail

She's the one I made my first website with, complete with flashing banners, under construction signs and animated flame gifs.

She's the one who always laughed at my sick jokes and shared my love of pop-culture.

True, I did stuff her in the toy chest when she was an infant. And I threw her a surprise party on her 13th birthday even though she had threatened me with bodily harm if I invited any of her friends over. Once, when I was seven and she was just a tiny little thing, I twisted her arm to make her cry, just so I can show my mother how I could comfort the screaming little baby.

She was spoiled when she was little, she's still spoiled now, and that's mainly my fault. I had fun spoiling her, and now she is her brand new husband's responsibility and he can deal with the after effects of my turning her into a brat.

She may be 34 years old now, but she'll always be my little sister. And I will always think of her whenever I hear Watching Scotty Die.

Happy Birthday, sis. Sorry I blew you off on Saturday morning. Hope this semi-embarassing post partly makes up for it.


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Ack! I never liked Poison!

Happy Birthday, Lisa! Hope your day was great!!

(In your honor, I am sitting here humming Happy Birthday quietly to myself - it's a pretty kicky version if I do say so myself.)

Happy 'Birtday' agian Little Sisser!

I still have our Pond Scum song books! My favorite was always our 15 second "Ode to 42nd Street" (the old, pre-rudy 42nd St. circa 1983)...

Whore, bitch
whore, bitch
dirty filthy slut
one of these days
you're gonna run out of luck
crabs victim crabs victim
that's what you are
(insert guitar crunch here)

Sad part is, I didn't need the song book to remember it...

I know I'm late, but Happy Birthday Lisa!