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there's funny ha ha, and then there's funny in that laughing at you kind of sense

We watched some Eddie Izzard this afternoon. Now we're watching the Metallica special on MTV2.

Still not sure which is funnier.


"Do you have a flag?"

Bang! Bang!...lmao
I love Eddie. :)

I LOVE Eddie!! The way he says fuckoff! Hmmm, maybe I should pop the video in tonight!

did he do the englebert humperdinck bit? Very humurous. Not really. No really. No not really. No really...



We have Dan and Stacy to thank for our love of Eddie...

cake and tea or death?

One is funny. The other is sad.

Eddie Izzard's probably the funniest comedian I've ever seen. He's got an amazing gift for rambling on about complete nonsense and making it seem incredibly funny.