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girls, girls, girls

My buddy the Nasty Bastard likes lists as much as I do. He's compiled a list of the top 10 women celebrities that he personally finds irresistable. He wants us to do the same.

Ok, I'll bite. But I'm only doing five. They are in no particular order and subject to change depending on my mood.

1. Milla Jovovich [photo]

2. Natalie Portman [photo]

3. Drew Barrymore [photo]

4. Jennifer Garner [photo]

5. Queen Latifah [photo]

So there's my Saturday night mindless posting. But man, was that fun to do.


Hello airbrush!

Looking at the one of Natalie Portman made me feel like a pedophile.

1. Sherylin Fenn
2. Liv Tyler
3. Angelina Jolie
4. Catherine Zeta-Jones
5. Gwen Stefani
6. Dianne Lane
7. Demi Moore
8. Issabella Rossolini
9. The chick Jonny Depp's hanging with
10. Paula Cole

In no particular order

Halle Berry

Selma Hayek

Denise Richards

Natalie Portman

Alicia Keyes

Elizabeth Perkins (I'm odd, what can I say)

that's all I can think of... any time my wie is around celebrities just don't look as good as she does.

1. Monica Bellucci.
2. Jodi Foster
3.Kate Winslet
4.Angelina Jolie
5.Ashley Judd
6.Jada Pinkett
7.Kelly Ripa
8.Julianna Marqulies
9.Vivica Fox
10.Venessa Williams

No particular ranking

Naomi Watts
Angie Harmon
Natalie Portman
Judy Greer
Shannon Elizabeth
Blossom(powerpuff girl,NOT the TV kid)
Eliza Dushku
Dianne Lane
Dana Glover
Tina Fey

1. Julie Christie - From the time I first saw her in Far From The Madding Crowd, Julie's combination of keen intelligence and beauty that defies words has held me spellbound. McCabe & Mrs. Miller is possibly my all-time favorite movie, but Julie's career is literally strewn with extraordinary performances.

2. All four Donnas and all three Eyeliners - these two bands would be reviving my faith in the future of rock & roll even if they looked like Bella Abzug. However, such is happily not the case.

3. Jessica Alba

4. Diane Lane

5. Cate Blanchett

6. Thora Birch

7. Liv Tyler

8. Angela Bassett

9. Julie Delpy

10. Ashley Judd

Laetitia Casta
Liv Tyler
Gwen Stefani
Belinda Carlisle
Johnette Napolitano
Tori Wells
Manon Rheaume
Cammi Granato
Gabby Reece (the Playboy pics did it!)
Drew Barrymore

Nina Hartley
Annette Haven
Kay Parker
Marilyn Chambers

I should stop here, finishing the list could be fatal. But what a way to go.

In no particular order:

Rene Russo
Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
Nancy Wilson (Heart)
Allyson Hannigan
Jennifer Garner
Charisma Carpenter
Elisabeth Shue
Halle Berry
Emma Caulfield

AimeeC - there can't be all that many people in the world who are even aware of the existence of BOTH Johnette Napolitano and Manon Rheaume. Nice list.

Jolene Blaylock is my current favorite.
What can I say? I`m old fashioned,one girl at a time kinda thing.

Anne Parillaud
Gwen Steffani
Rachel Blakely
Madeliene Stowe
Maria Conchita Alonso
Ziyi Zhang
Halle Berry
Allyson Hannigan
Jenny Agutter
Mia Sara

Oops, I forgot Jamie Lee Curtis.

I know - that makes eleven.


Dita Von Teese
Bettie Page
Anna Nicole Smith, back in her thinner days
Laetitia Casta
Laura Prepon
Veronica Zemanova
Salma Hayek
Ione Skye
Dina Meyer
Rose McGowan

Tori wells teri ryan what more is there to say.

Johnette Napolitano for sure!!