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let's play a game with the moonbats!

We are about to play a game of words.

To begin our game, open up the image below to a bigger size. Read it carefully.

[picture from - where else? - Indymedia]

Now, let's play a game. Remember Highlights Magazine? Remember the "Name all the wrong things in this picture" page? That's what we are going to play. Use both the words and the images to figure out how many ways of wrong the whole thing is.

Ready? Go.


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Could someone actually think that cartoon is true?

please close the small tag!

The only thing similar between both pictures is that the boy is an Arab, killed by Arabs if you follow the strict rule of the Geneva Convention. Non-uniformed combatants who operate and reside within civilian populations are responsible for the casualties inflicted during combat in civilian areas, so Hamas/Islamic Jihad/Fatah is responsible for the boy's injury/death. (Unless, of course, the terrosist is a Jewish member of Hamas/Islamic Jihad/Fatah, but I think Adam Shapio only has an honorary membership status right now)

A Magen David Adom volunteer will save both Arabs and Jews. The Palestinian Red Crescent volunteer, taking time off from his "security" training with Arafat's Force 17, would sooner slit the throat of a Jew than save him.

Only time for a few "what's wrong" comments:
1) (left) the bus is still intact
2) (left) there are not dozens of additional casualties on the ground with nails and metal in them
3) (left) there are no corresponding pictures with Palis cheering the slaughter of civilians
4) (right) there are not people pulling body parts of their 'martyrs' out of the wreckage and waving them around
5) (right) the person is carrying the child to a hospital instead of holding him up to the camera to exploit the scene
6) (right) missing from the picture is the victim that the IDF hit----someone who had killed dozens of innocent civilians
7) (right) not enough moonbats in the background smushed by bulldozers

Hamas is not an army and Palistine is not a nation.Almost to a man all palistinians want to kill Jews,the reverse cannot be said about the Jews.The entire population of Palistinians feed,clothe,educate,encourage and train their terrorists,so let those who sow the wind,reap the whirlwind.I have absolutley no sympathy for Palistinian causes or issues as long as they allow outside influences govern their policies,and as long as they remain inflexible towards Isreal.I could write a book of all the concesions Isreal has given in the name of "Peace".I couldn`t write a paragraph of what the Palistinians have done,because they haven`t done anything for it.
Sorry to be so long winded but I`m really tired of everyone trying to kick around the Jews everytime some dumbass arab stubs his toe.FYI,no, I`m not Jewish.

doh I missed the easiest "what's wrong." Probably because it is so obvious...

The American funeral for Moral Relativism was held on Sept. 11, 2001. Some people have obviously failed to tune in to it.

It`s not just Isreal it`s western civilization.
There`s a link on braden.weblogs.com that takes you to an excellent article about a book (www.sierratimes.com/03/06/17/blumenfeld.htm) that puts things in perspective.I`m going to buy it,and sorry for the Braden plug but I love his site.Math is still kool.

I love this place.

Chrees, damn, you win. You missed one though.
8) (Right) The Red Crescent guy isn't hiding a gun. Or maybe he is but it's very well hidden?
As an aside, notice the nice, happy buildings in the left picture and the devastation and rubble in the right picture.

Chrees, I bet you were the one who always got to the Highlights book at my dentist's office before me.

Aaaah, the old 'cylce of violence'/moral equivalence theme. Also, if Palestinian bombers stopped killing Israelis, Israel would stop trying to kill terrorist leaders. While if Israel unilaterally stopped targeting Palestinian leaders, Palestinians would send even more bombers into Israel.

(left) This rescue worker wishes that no more civilians should die.
(right) This rescue worker wishes that no more Hamas leaders should die.

I only wish the UN would step in and redesignate borders for Israel and Palestine. A cease-fire is called while all people move to their new borders. Sadly, there will never be peace between Jews, Arabs and Christians. Every group sees their way as the right way.

Yesterday CNN had a corospondent give a long history of the Palestinian conflict and he got everything completely wrong every step of the way.

In his version of history, Arafat and Hamas etc. never wanted more than the west bank , gaza, Jerusalem and to get rid of the settlements... But the evil Israelis are too greedy to allow peace.

I imagine some Palestinian propandist "briefed" him and he's too gulible (and ignorant and antisemetic) to consider the possibility that he's being lied to. Watching the idiot spew lies, I had a vision of how the world press allows themselves to be played for suckers by Arafat and the other Arabs who know enough to lie.

You all missed something. It's a Latuff cartoon.

Latuff is a neonazi Holocaust denier.

That ends the contest as far as I'm concerned.

Not a continuation of the contest, just more about Latuff:

Latuff’s cartoons are very popular in Berkeley, where
one inspired a lot of anti-Semitism
(not that they need much encouragement for that in Berkeley, the ‘hate free’ zone)

Latuff is total scum - and his cartooning style would have looked outdated and cheesy in 1979.

Veeshir, thanks! And no, I always passed on the Highlight mags in the dentist office. I was too scared of what was about to happen (at least in my mind) to play "what's wrong with this sh*t."

And that was posted this morning upon rolling out of bed before my first couple glasses of wine with dinner. Now that I have had them, I don't have much to add. I think the death of moral reletivism sums it all up for me. It's amazing how people can mouth "history has changed" one minute, and fail to understand what the heck happened the next. For applying history to current events, I recommend Hanson, Victor Davis. If you can't learn from him, you are truly hopeless...

Which obviously applies to the "artist" in charge of this. But hey... as the saying goes, if you have to ask what the difference is, you're beyond understanding it...

1) What's wrong with both pictures is that they are both propaganda, and the world has had enough of that.

2) As propaganda, it's clear what the ideology of the artist is. The viewer is not expected to think, just react, and isn't that the problem?

a) James Michner wrote a book "The Source". After reading it, I couldn't tell what the ideology of the author was, but the book sure made me think about how the crossroads that is currently 'the jewish state' has been contested over by nearly the entire world (if you ignore the 'orient'?) for as long as recorded history has been recorded.

3) I live in Northern California, just far enough inland that the summers are pleasant. Someone suggested that to understand the middle east conflict, I should think about where I would most like to live (as long as it was within 500 miles of here). Now think about being denied the ability to visit, or live in the lake tahoe region. Now think about being denied visiting or living west of Carson City . . . hmmm

4) I suspect (based on michelle's weather related posts) that she might be an oregonian, or points north (where overcast and rain is as common as heat and sand in Nevada, Iraq or Saudi Arabia). Now the Saudi royal family (or Suddam for that matter) had enough resources to air condition thier palaces (and for Michele, sunshine is no problem, baring the occansional sand storm), If I were Palestinian, I don't think I'd be invited into one of those palaces, nor would it be easy for me to seek some relief at the beach. If it weren't for my brothers, who were in the same boat, I'd understand the term misanthrope as well as Michele (but I'm too busy packing C4 into my vest). Rather than blowing up the air conditioning units at the palace to the east, I'd probably be heading west towards the beach.

5) Can you say Gaza?

"A city of southwest Asia in the Gaza Strip, a narrow coastal area along the Mediterranean Sea adjoining Israel and Egypt. The territory was part of the British mandate for Palestine (1917-1948), passed to Egypt in 1949, and was occupied by Israel in 1967. Palestinian autonomy was promised in the 1979 Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty but has not yet been achieved. The city of Gaza was one of the five major Philistine city-kingdoms. Population, 118,272."

Excerpted from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition Copyright © 1992 by Houghton Mifflin Company. (I love MS Bookshelf)

If I were forced to live east of Carson City, after being separated from Lake Tahoe (when the British had 'mandated' that I had a right to the beach) - AND I'd grown up hearing how nice it was from my grandfolks - AND I couldn't build a casino and rip off those who do own much of the beachfront property NOW - I can understand the urge to go look for some of that plastic stuff.

So what's wrong with this picture? THERE ARE NO CASINOS ON THE RIGHT HAND PANEL

(but then if there were, the cartoon (proganda) wouldn't exist.



Er, if JC is referring to michele (one "L"), he has the wrong geographic area in mind. Think "lengthy piece of land surrounded by water".

Er, Jon,

As in the west is everything on the other side of the Hudson geography? - nah, I was just passing through the blog landscape looking at what and where greymatter could be found, and Michele with one l caught my attention first with the type of monologue us true Californians associate with those 'up north in cloud country'.

When the big one hits, everything east of the Sierra, (including LA) will disappear into the other ocean! And we'll become proud owners of a lenghty piece of land surrounded by water.

Then Michele with one l drew me into the middle east (and I don't mean Pennsylvania!) with the moonbat and highlights reference, then sucked me into the black hole of the holy land.

After saying my peace (with an a for an i reversed), I read on and liked what I saw (and counted the ls on the thumb of one hand!). I also figured out where the weather was that was driving her up the bell tower.

Michele, for a misanthrope, I like your style. If you ever get out to this side of the continent, stay south of Oregon, or at least bring your gun and climbing shoes.

Come over to my neck of the woods and I'll introduce you to "Mom's racing team (powered by guilt) ", and give you a ride on Lighten'up, a yacht with the most politically incorrect and fun loving crew you'll ever mistake for a group of real live persons. The sun shall shine, and we'll send you back east with a smile and a not so dumb T shirt!

sail on

hmm, on second thought, your site would never be the same, so drop me a line when you are ready to retire!