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on the interent, nobody can hear you scream on a friday night

I'm all about trying to do things myself rather than bugging Stacy and Robyn as always.

There's probably a reason I always bug them. My motto is If you want something done right, don't do it yourself.

I'm working on the comics blog, but I think I broke the internet. Sorry.

Hey, it's not like anyone is around on a Friday night anyhow.


It's ok, Michele. You kind of warned us you were going to be messing with it, so we went ahead and made a backup of the Internet.

Thank God I have broadband!

Wait, you need Stacy and Robyn to help you with your spelling?


(see the title of the post - "interent?")

Aw, c'mon, you know I love you.

Dude, I did the same thing this week.

I'm always around on a Friday night. I have no real life! [g][

But Stargate is on tonight, so I'm happy! What I really want to be doing is going to the Kenny Chesney & Keith Urban concert, but alas it is not to be.