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bang your head with concerto karaoke

Let's start the evening off right.

Apocalyptica doing Sepultura's Refuse/Resist.

Download. Listen. Enjoy.

Sing along:

Chaos A.D.
Tanks On The Streets
Confronting Police
Bleeding The Plebs
Raging Crowd
Burning Cars
Bloodshed Starts
Who'll Be Alive?!

Chaos A.D.
Army In Siege
Total Alarm
I'm Sick Of This
Inside The State
War Is Created
No Man's Land
What Is This Shit?!


Chaos A.D.
Disorder Unleashed
Starting To Burn
Starting To Lynch
Silence Means Death
Stand On Your Feet
Inner Fear
Your Worst Enemy



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what's a girl gotta do to get some kelly osbourne, dammit?????

I think I'm still shocked that they tried that song... even more so that it worked.