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porn, my parents and linda lovelace

Lovelace, the Musical, starring Tina Yothers as Linda Lovelace.

Ah, another childhood icon shot to hell. No, I'm not talking about Tina Yothers.

I was about ten years old when Deep Throat came out. I remember hearing my neighbor talk about the movie in general terms and it made me curious exactly what Deep Throat meant.

It didn't take me long to find out. My parents had a party one night and some of the men were talking about the film. They were referring to various women at the party as "Linda Lovelace" types. The longer I sat in the shadows and eavesdropped, the more I found out. The more I found out, the more horrified I was.

Unaware that I was getting the jokes, my parents and their friends frequently made references to Deep Throat and Lovelace. Depending on the joke, I would either snicker under my breath or run out of the room with my stomach churning.

It may be strange to have a porn icon as a catalyst for good childhood memories, but the mention of Lovelace brings flashbacks of the days when my parents were young and the house was filled with laughter night and day.

And now, Tina Yothers has ruined it all for me. Not that I will ever see the Linda Lovelace musical extravaganza, but I now have the image of Tina Yothers's face where Linda's is supposed to be in my memories and that's just wrong.


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will this musical be complete with blow jobs? it says it's gonna be like hair. they were naked so will Tina be doing bjs?...lol

Who is playing the nurse? I thought she was nice.

Tina Yothers as Linda Lovelace. Tina Yothers as Linda Lovelace. No matter how many times I say it, something just doesn't feel right. Ya know?

That ain't the half of it, Buzz. The thought almost kills blowjobs for me.


Mind if I smoke while you eat?

tina yothers? as linda lovelace??


Charlotte Caffey is involved in this?! I guess that Go-Go's reunion tour wasn't as successful as I thought...

I guess "Our Lips Are Sealed" won't be on the soundtrack.

(Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Never saw the movie, but like you remember the references and had to figure it out for myself. A little confusing, but all and all good memories of being young and knowing something I probably shouldn't have. Tina Yothers in a Musical about this 'subject', Alex and Mallory's little sister singing about oral sex!?!?!?! ARRRRRRRRRRGH! I think this is actually what makes you go blind.

Thing is Tina Yothers looks nothing like she did when she was on Family Ties. I saw a "Where are they now" type thing in a magazine about a year ago and remembering that she looked pretty good.... or maybe my standards are just really low...

Graumagus, I think it was an airbrushed picture. I briefly saw her on some damn thing a few months back. It wasn't pretty, though it was better than one might have expected from her early years.

BTW, I got all the references when DT came out, but then I was mid-teens and already fairly obsessed with such things. I also remember at least a couple of the jokes that made the rounds:
Linda's filming a new movie down in Galveston. It's called the Gulp of Mexico
Did you hear that Richard Nixon went to see Deep Throat? Sat through three showings and still couldn't get it down pat.
Yeah, that last one was icky even thirty years ago.

Tina Yothers as Linda Lovelace?
[a steal from The Emperor]
"My eyes!!"


Hmmmm...does the comment to post "spit it out" sound appropriate here?

I always thought "Deep Throat" had something to do with Watergate... Somehow I think I'm wrong. ;)

Mink Stole from the John Waters crew is involved, which should at least make it interesting.

I seem to recall that Linda Lovelace's grandmother went down on the Titanic.....

Tina Yothers and Deep Throat? Hey - at my age, you don't get so choosy. She could wrap those lips of hers around my....

Sorry, getting kinda carried away here. Maybe I should duck off to the rest room for some quick relief..... mmmm - all that blonde hair. And that cleavage.....

Yeah, that pic was in Maxim or FHM I think, I'm pretty sure un-airbrushed photo's are against their company manifesto or something.

Wow! Who'd have thought we could make so much of a fuss! I wrote the damned musical and cast Tina as Linda. Nice job here on this board slamming her. Doesn't take much to sit at a computer and throw around pithy put-downs about Tina and Charlotte...
Here's some more ammo for you- the show is going to New York and will be opening off-Broadway in the spring! Yew! Gross! And Tina will be playing Linda! Ew! Gross! And there are people who are willing to invest millions of dollars in this ew! Gross! project! Shit, everyone must be deaf and blind! Except all of you, of course...

I Saw the musical workshop at the KEY CLUB in LA.
I thought it would suck too.
I am a new Tina Yothers fan for life.
Girl has skills and she isn't Jennifer Keaton
she looks great!
Sings with a bad ass rock voice and tones it down to a melodic raspy I don't know how to explain...girls got skills.

Graumagus's standards are really low.