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finding nemo: one minute review

findingnemo50b.jpgChild loses mother. Child still has dad. Child decides to assert his independence by showing off his mad braveness skillz. Child gets into deep shit by doing that. Dad has to face nature, predators and life-threatening situations to get Child back. Dad finds buddy to help him. Child finds friendly characters to help him. Dad and Child, against all natural odds, reunite thanks to teamwork. Lessons are learned, lifetime friendships are forged and we all live happily ever after. The end.

Basically, it's any other Disney movie you've ever seen, but with fish.

On the plus side, there were no musical numbers. And there were a few laughs.

However shallow and predictable and redundant the movie itself was, the animation was breathtaking. Which means I didn't fall asleep.

UPDATE:Yes, it was funny. There were many funny parts. I'm just tired of the same old plots in children's movies.


Oh, I thought it was great.

I wish I spoke whale.

Bwahahahahahahahah. Phew.

The twelve-stepping sharks were worth the price of admission.

if all else fails in a disney movie, you can count on the breathtaking animation to keep you in the seat.

Jane, how right you are. I laughed my butt off.

I appreciated it showing that a kid with a disability can do just as good as anybody else. Small fin? No problem, just get in there and try it ,kid. We loved it.

sorry to be the picky ass here but its a Pixar animation distributed by Disney. Disney only wish they could animate like that and Pixar can't wait to dump them so they can make some real cash.

I found it to be hilarious. Speaking whale was my favorite part.

Sorena and I left the movie speaking whale to each other.

Yes, it's a Pixar movie not a Disney movie. Disney is coming out with crap like Brother Bear so once again all us humans can see how eevvviiilll we are.

The animation was stunning!!

But the handicapped fin was just silly - it was PC without adding anything real to the plot.

Oh yeah - so what would be a good plot for a "children's" movie? I still think Toy Story was the best.

Anything by Miyazaki beats Disney to death.
"My Neighbor Totoro" may be the best kids movie ever made. My sister's kids literally wore out the videotape.

Totoro has been a favorite in this house for ages. We just completed our Miyazaki collection with Castle in The Sky.

I still wish it were Finding Emo.

Yeah, I'd like to see one where the parents make a clean getaway.

I think the reason so many people thought it was a Disney picture through and through was that Nemo only has one parent.

Think about it. How many Disney movies can you name where the main character has both parents?

How many Disney movies can you name where the main character has both parents?

"Mulan". "Hercules". "Sleeping Beauty".

Plots: We're talking mainstream movies. All stories are basically the same. There is no new ground. There are only new characters. Personally, I don't much care if such movies have the same old plot. Doesn't mean it won't be a good movie.

"I'm just tired of the same old plots in children's movies."

See "Holes". Best. Children's. Movie. Ever.

Watching Holes is the cinematic equivalent of reading a cross between one of Heinlein's juveniles and a really good fairy tale. It features real kids facing real dangers in a real world, and yet wraps it in a wonderfully intricate, generations-long, and rather whimsical backstory. And then sets it to the best soundtrack I've heard in years. One minute you'll be flashing back to "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou" - and the next you're bouncing along to Moby.

When we buy this movie I have a feeling we're going to wear out the DVD.

mine? mine? mine?

Heheheh. Those birds cracked me up.

I was doing that for hours, much to the dismay of my friends.


we loved it. went to see it on father's day, not knowing that it was a father/son movie.

ellen d'g was fantabulously funny

my teenage boys loved the turtle and his variations of "whoa"

My biggest laugh?


I'm just looking forward to seening cute CG fish puppets...

You know they way they animate these models, they really do have more in common with puppets than they do with traditional animation - but of course they're much more expressive than puppets...

It's just all so cool. The Hulk is another example - Ang Lee (the director) played the Hulk for most of the motion capture. Another cool thing, when computers make it possible for a short middle aged director to be the Hulk.

hahah i loved when the fish did the expressions!! it was so funny! "clams?" "close enough" hahaha

hahah i loved when the fish did the expressions!! it was so funny! "clams?" "close enough" hahaha

hahah i loved when the fish did the expressions!! it was so funny! "clams?" "close enough" hahaha

its ok the film is very good for any catogories people