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Leapin' Lileks!

The Farkers have put my little Photoshopping of James Lileks to shame.

Check out this rogue's gallery of Lileks.

We're off to see Finding Nemo. Review later.

And don't be trollin' around here while I'm gone. Remember the horse's head!


Not that it is actually on point or even vaguely relevant, but does anyone know where "fark" came from? I can't seem to find anything about it on their site.

Check the FArQ:http://www.fark.com/farq/about.shtml

"About Fark.com
The word Fark doesn't mean anything. It's a word Drew used instead of saying Fuck in chat rooms and online games back in the early 90s. He became known for saying it at random intervals just for the hell of it, so one day in late 1997 he decided to go out and register the domain."

Fark is a common chat room thing, I believe...also Michele, don't flush your fish down the toilet...It really does not go to the ocean (think grinding nemo).

Also I saw my therapist this afternoon, the entire session was about helping me being asked by you not to leave a heckle or a tag your it in your comments.

Thanks guys.