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open letter to Marc W., troll of the year nominee

I've reached my limit with Marc W.

Below is an open letter to him, in case you are interested.

Dear Marc,

In my post this morning about asking people to not play tag games in my comments (and I do have a good reason for that), you left the following comments:

You know, at first I was drawn to reading your blog--fascinated by how prolific you are, and even amused on occasion. But what's with the sudden imperious policing attitude? Not to sound like a creepy troll, but how desperate are you for attention, really? Why not focus on controlling things in your real life, rather than trying to establish supremacy over a society of semi-imaginary webfriends?

Yes, I know, I don't have to read your stuff if I don't want to. But given how much time you spend picking apart the viewpoints of others that *you* don't ever agree with, doesn't it cut both ways?


Well, apologies for not fully comprehending the context of the post I'm responding to, but maybe that's a good reminder to be a little less obtuse, and don't assume that a reader is following every little twist and turn in these online melodramas. Of everyone involved, it's certainly not me who needs to take this blogging thing less seriously.

Wow. I don't know where that all came from, Mark, but I think you need to get your meds under control.

I was making a snarky post to my friends about their silly little tag game. None of them were offended. And here you come on your high horse leaving comments as if I had asked people to behead the pope in my name. Melodrama? Hardly. My friends (not imaginary, not semi-imaginary, but real), know how to take those things. You did not know how to take it because, well, you're not my friend. Hell, you're not even someone I would have as imaginary friend, even if it was just to imagine beating your head in with a clue bat.

Speaking of melodrama, Marc, isn't that your name I saw all over the great Moxie debate, in every comment on every blog that talked about it? I think you even dropped in here a couple of times in relation to that melodrama.

Marc, may I suggest you look at my post once again, read your comments and play a game of How Out of Place Were My Comments?

I could really sit here and pick apart your trollish words bit by bit, but seeing as that you are obviously somewhat challenged in the making friends and influencing people department, I wouldn't want to make you look like more of an ass than you already did yourself. Great job, by the way.

Come back anytime, Marc. I wont squash your dissent, I promise.


In all honestly, who gives a fuck? You are embarrassing yourself more than you are me. Have a nice day, dear.

Awwww.....I think you hurt his wittle feewlings, Michele.

No, from my corner, Michele may as well be about to spank you in a manner that causes you to involuntarily sing "The Ketchup Song" in tune to the smacks.

You're more embarassed. :)

I don't actually think that Mr. Troll has read Michele's blog. Embarassed over this? I sincerely doubt it.

Hmmm...I think it might be time to go back to the fake names.

someone needs to have a bonghit and relax (Marc W)

Wow, "dear" was the best response he could muster? Battles of wits with unarmed opponents are such a letdown...

Geez, Mark W, is a sneering non-sequitur with the good old reliable sexist "dear" or "hon" attached the best you could do in response? I've seen better in a Yahoo chatroom.

Oh jeez -- and I didn't even realize that "Marc W" was the weissblog guy, He's always been better at dishing it out than taking it, from what I have observed.

Take what? What have I asked to take? I'm not on a web-wide smear campaign against Michele, on my piddly site or anyone else's. Nor do I expect the her loyal hordes to stick up for me ... highlighting my critical comments this way is just another example of her endless quest for positive affirmation. It's tiring to read--and even more tiring to keep tabs on when it's directed at you. By doing this, she's essentially begged me to check in all day to ensure that I'm not being unfairly characterized. I'm not even sure why anyone would bother to read the whole post, open letter or otherwise. (" ... in case you are interested." How manipulative can you get, honestly?)

Hey, if it's all the same to you, I could ban your IP and then you won't feel the need to come back here to see if anyone was responding to your uncessary and inane comment on the initial post, which, by the way, made absolutely no sense and basically begged me to respond to you. Why, one would think that you were looking for attention!

Words of advice Marc: Less typing, more masturbating.

Dude, don't you have a blogroll or something? You know, if I get tired of reading someone's blog, for whatever reason, I don't leave a whining complaint about how I don't like the way they write or run their website, I just go read someone else's website. Damn. Click away already. It's easy if you try.

Which is more pathetic, someone who has a "constant quest for positive affirmation" or someone who complains "This is tiring to read, and even more tiring to keep tabs on when it's directed at you" then keeps reading and responding. Again. And again. Obviously you crave the very attention you accuse Michele of needing, or else (as Andrea Harris suggested) you'd just quit reading the damn blog and take your angst elsewhere. I on the otherhand freely admit that I entertain myself by throwing my comments into a situation where I wasn't involved or wanted. It's either this or watch freakin' infomercials....

marc w. wrote: "I'm not even sure why anyone would bother to read the whole post, open letter or otherwise."

because michele's flames are almost always very well done. 's fun to read, y'know?