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Learn how to be a socialst in just ten minutes! Or: Fry The Spy Day

Open your textbooks to this page please.

The entire world honors the memory of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg on June 19, 2003, 50 years after the fascist US government, aided by their Zionist collaborators, murdered these two outstanding socialists and defenders of the workingclass to perpetrate fascism at home and war abroad. By defending their innocence and resisting fascism, the Rosenbergs literally broke the back of the Cold War. In these terrible times, with fascists attempting to make the USA as reactionary as Nazi Germany, their example is a lesson to us all.

Here we have a classic example of socialist thinking. It compiles all the standard applications of Socialism 101. To wit:

  • The entire world honors the memory of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg - This applies the socialist/far left tenet that the world revolves around them and their ideals.

  • aided by their Zionist collaborators - Another standard operating procedure of theirs. It's all about the J-E-W-S.

  • murdered these two outstanding socialists - Oxymoron alert!

  • perpetrate fascism at home - No socialist gang bang is complete with some perceived notion that facism has reared its ugly head.

  • In these terrible times, with fascists attempting to make the USA as reactionary as Nazi Germany - and for the ten point landing, every socialist worth his weight will connect the issue they are writing about with today's terrible climate of Nazism.

Obviously, the author of the above paragraph studied his copy of Idiots Guide to Writing for Socialist Causes.

Of course, no rally against America would be complete without a star-studded leftist party. With Susan Sarandon and Harry Belafonte!

Don't forget to read the rest of the Indymedia article, where you can find how the Rosenbergs being fried to death for their crimes can be related to such subjects as The Patriot Act, Homeland Security, Bush Made 9/11 Happen and, of course, Zionism.

Now, go celebrate Fry The Spy Day with Chuck.


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"Fry the Spy Day"....hee hee! I love it!

What their supporters tend to ignore is that the Rosenburgs were actually guilty as charged. Of course, I guess if you're a socialist, what they did is ok fine by you. Power to the people and all that nonsense.

Gee, that's odd... the KGB has admitted that the Rosenbergs were theirs (and their archives prove it), the Venona intercepts prove that they were actually spies and actually sent information to the Sovs that could have led to the loss of American lives, what's the basis of the idea that they were somehow "innocent victims of fascism"?

Uhm, the dog ate my textbook?

Speaking of facsist, <a href="http://www.raisethefist.com/news.cgi?artical=wire/

The absolute, unmitigated proof to me that they have a terminal cranial-rectal insertion is the accusation that we are both anti-semetic and controlled by Zionists. That's kind of like saying that you take orders from the pope because you hate catholics.

Regular or Extra-Crispy?

wutta bunch o' rear muffs!

My understanding of the case is the evidence against him is conclusive, while the evidence against her is less so. The charges against her were intended to be a lever to get him to cooperate, but he didn't, so she bought it.

Thlayli, to that I say "Tough noogies".

I quote the NY Post in my celebration:

After their execution, this page - then the most liberal editorial page in the nation - noted that the Rosenbergs had had ample opportunity to press their claims in the courts.

Moreover, editor James Wechsler wrote: "The nation they betrayed held the hand of clemency out to them if they would unseal their lips and tell the secrets of the Soviet spy ring they served with such blind devotion and terrible dishonor."

In the end, that devotion led them to willingly choose martyrdom for the cause of Communism - in the process, deliberately choosing to orphan their two sons, then ages 6 and 10.

Cry me a river. They were guilty and they fried because they wouldn't go state's evidence.

Good-bye, good riddance, and say 'Big Howdy' to Satan....

Out of curiousity, what does this line:

"By defending their innocence and resisting fascism, the Rosenbergs literally broke the back of the Cold War. "

mean? Didn't the Cold War go on after the trial, until the USSR, uhh, lost?

If you are looking for something positive to celebrate, it's the 100th anniversary of Lou Gehrig's birth.

I thought they were jewish. Is the evil ZOG targeting its own now? And, that Ethel was executed because Julius wouldn't flip for the prosection.

Is the latter true or no?

Yeah, there's no doubt about it, the writer of this article is moronic. Of course, he or she is just some socialist twit penning screeds on the Internet. On the other side of the spectrum, we've got Ann Coulter defending McCarthyism and saying that the ""myth of 'McCarthyism' is the greatest Orwellian fraud of our times." According to Coulter, "Liberals are fanatical liars, then as now. Everything you think you know about McCarthy is a hegemonic lie...Liberals denounced McCarthy because they were afraid of getting caught, so they fought back like animals." In short, Coulter's venom is exactly as wrongheaded, ahistorical, and conspiratorial as this poor schmuck's paean to the Rosenbergs, and SHE'll be selling millions of copies of this garbage to all the freak shows out there who've drank the Kool Aid. For some reason, I find that prospect more distressing than some goofy leftist mouthing off on an NYC Indymedia site.

Indymedia reports on bizarro world, not on our world. There is your source of confusion.

There, good is evil and evil is good, Celine Dion is an avant garde artist and Yoko Ono fought to keep the Beatles together. The Rosenbergs are innocent. There, people complain about the conservative media.

Bizarro world is not without its good points, though: The Red Sox win the World Series all the time, the Devil Rays don't exist, and the Yankees long ago became a AA team in Huntsville, Alabama.

Troll King, watch your back. That last statement may have gotten you on the list for a wuppin'.

No comment, Just info wanted,
I have a 8×10 glossy photo of
Julius and Ethel Rosenburg laying in their
coffins after their execution.
What value would be placed on this photo.