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The first person to Anyone who leaves any kind of "tag, you're it" note (that applies to snowball fights, tag games, heckling day banners or what have you) in my comments will a) have their IP banned and b) find a horse's head in their bed.

I'm dead serious. About the IP, not the horse's head.


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But...but... Ohhhhh...k.

Oh! I see. Too big and important to heckle, eh? Reserving your comments for important issues, eh? Fine! I wasn't gonna tag you anyway. Meanie. pout


I've noticed that the warning does not apply to the second, third, or any other subsequent tag notes.

So... anyone wanna take one for the team?

poopyhead. :p

If I do it using anonymous ip software, can I have the horse's head? Cuz that would be pretty cool.

I'm with Dave here. The horse head would be cooler than any IP ban.

Cool for you, but I'm sure the horse would have some objections...

Today is

FRY THE SPY DAYand I'm throwing a party all day.

Hey, Julius and Ethel, have a great freakin' day!

No tags from me... that's a Tuesday thing. grin Still, the horse head would go nice in my refigerator, for when the ex comes over and wants a drink...

What if I don't have a horse?

What if I have a sudden lapse of sanity and forget? Isn't there an appeal process?

What do you think this is, a democracy? As if.

A few years back there was a company that would anonymously mail the victim of your choice a box of feces. I remember reading about it in maxim or FHM or another one of those crappy magazines I borrow from guys at work because the women are hot...

You know, at first I was drawn to reading your blog--fascinated by how prolific you are, and even amused on occasion. But what's with the sudden imperious policing attitude? Not to sound like a creepy troll, but how desperate are you for attention, really? Why not focus on controlling things in your real life, rather than trying to establish supremacy over a society of semi-imaginary webfriends?

Yes, I know, I don't have to read your stuff if I don't want to. But given how much time you spend picking apart the viewpoints of others that you don't ever agree with, doesn't it cut both ways?

Marc was gonna tag you... Now he's afraid to! Nya.

Seriously -- the guy who came up with that "Heckling Day" nonsense came up with it at a rather bad time. You may not have noticed it, but a lot of blogs (well, mine anyway) have been attacked by trolls lately. It's like they all got out of school and just don't know what to do with themselves. So -- I can see why Michele just doesn't want to have to waste her time figuring out who is playing this rather innocent game and who is a real troll.

Actually, Andrea, I think Mark's little problem is a little more personal than that.

"rather than trying to establish supremacy over a society of semi-imaginary webfriends?"

Seems more like she's trying to keep virtual graffiti off of the societies buildings to me.

Methinks you're taking this whole blogging thing a bit seriously, Marc... time to get out for some fresh air.

It's. A. Blog. Have a nice day.

Well, apologies for not fully comprehending the context of the post I'm responding to, but maybe that's a good reminder to be a little less obtuse, and don't assume that a reader is following every little twist and turn in these online melodramas. Of everyone involved, it's certainly not me who needs to take this blogging thing less seriously.



Yes, is this Marc?


It's Kettle, your name is now Pot.

I got one of those on my blog this morning, and I don't get why it's supposed to be funny. The snowball thing was cute, but this just seems to be mean & petty.

Maybe this just isn't the day for me to see the humour in it [shrug]

seki...lmao bwwhahahahaa.
and yes, it is not a good time to play this game. I have had a troll for the last 8 months and just got rid of through allot of phone calls and emails etc to authorities and isps etc. This was not the day to post that shit on my site. trolls suck and this game ( luv ya e) was just ill timed.

Dang, you're rights, Seki. Marc does seem to have more problems than I realized. I simply thought he misunderstood what was going on. What a tool.

Wha? What'd I miss? Tag? Snowball?

i gotta take a leak.
i'll be right back.


let me scroll back - no one say anything until i get caught up, ok?

Tag. You're it. With a snowball on Heckling Day no less.

Horse's head in my bed. Excellent! It will go with my horse's arse.


Just dropping a line to say that whomever was using my name yesterday was not me...I didn't comment on any blog, anywhere, yesterday.

Also, TAG! uhh...I'm it.

Hey, babe. You ban the goombahs. I'll take care of the horses' head thing for you.

And here I am with nothing. No funny quip. No silly rejoinder.

I haven't been up for those reindeer games myself lately either. How 'bout we use the dripping bloody head of Blitzen instead of a horse?

I was going to ask a serious question, but why bother here.

I apologize, Michele, I remember you had the same request during the snowball fight.