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round and round

No, not the Ratt song. Please.

Round the world we go, in links.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Doctor Grosz style.

Mac wants to know what gets people to read your blog. I told him fart stories are always good.

The best invitations I get are always the ones I can't accept. Doesn't anyone party on the weekend anymore?

Orrin Spare that C:/: a poem.

The 20 dollar Lou Ferrigno Experience. In two (or possibly three) parts.

The Trouble With Marvel: Long and worth reading every word.

Insult of the day: crap-ass emopop vagina-magnet band. Hey Geoff, isn't it your turn to get off of Blogspot yet?

Asshat is out. Fecal fez is in.

And then the obligatory self linkage. Did I mention that I have new one up at Retrovertigo?

Yes, it's Adult Swim time again. May tonight's dreams not be like last night's. Ok, maybe like the one about Andrea but not the other one.


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You have been officially been heckled on International Heckling Day.
No, you were heckled. Do not try to come back with something clever, or I shall return to heckle you some more.

"Fecal fez"? vomit

"Heckling Day"? That gave me the Downs just reading it! Some people would probably be better off not having to worry about using a PC...

Yesss!! Insult of the day!


I wish I'd come up with "fecal fez" too, though. Eh, you can't win 'em all...