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he's doing it just to spite me

Keep your eyes on this one.

Clemens is pitching a no hitter.


Zambrano, 3-4 on the season thus far, isn't pitching too shabby a game himself.

Now this is baseball. Give me a good pitcher's duel over a home run derby any day.

UPDATE: Well, there goes another excuse people would have used to make Roger wear the Yankee cap.


Do no-hitters against the Devil Rays count?

As much as six pitchers no-hitting one team do!

He lost it, thank God.

Holy shit. I went to look at the Clemens progress and noticed that Wakefield has a no-no thru six for the Red Sox.

Ain't it a bitch? I used to hate him when he was on the Red Sox. I used to hate Catfish Hunter when he was on the A's too. Well, free agency has sure changed the landscape of baseball.

My kind of game -- Yankees win, Clemens gets nothing.