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jump around

That's the title of my new one over at Retrovertigo.

Also, for interested parties, Command Post is now covering Iran as well as other hot spots around the world.


Given the sporadic nature of news from both NK and Iraq, combining them(with an opening for other regional coverage) was an excellent idea.
I have the feeling that Iran is about to start showing up a lot more vigorously, also, by what we've seen today.

I am feeling a sudden, inexplicable urge to get up, get up and/or get down... 0_O

...and of course, that should have been, "jump up, jump up..." _

You may have hit on a very good direction for CP to take: International Events.

I'll be the first to admit that before 9/11 my entire conciousness of affairs outside the US was "We're lucky to be here in America." I didn't realize the levels of hate, crime, corruption, and evil that exist outside our borders.

So maybe someone needs to keep people updated on the events that affect us in this increasingly hostile world.