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andrea loves chachi

I just remembered my other dream, the one that came earlier in the night.

I was in a production of Bye Bye, Birdie and I wouldn't let Conrad kiss me because he had cooties. Andrea tried to give me a cootie shot but I told her she was already infected from letting Scott Baio kiss her. She blushed and ran away, but there was a sign taped to her back that said "I kissed Scott Baio!"

And then Conrad died from the cooties.


Can I have what you're having?

Eeek! Cooties! Don't come near me!

Okay, I'll make an exception for Michele... and Robyn.... and Andrea... and...

C'mon, admit it. You used to watch Joanie Loves Chachi on late-nite syndication, didn't you? You'd sneak out to the teevee, pretending you were just getting yourself a "midnight snack." Yeah -- a "midnight snack" of Scott Baio!