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news and views

In lieu of the Church of the Blogosphere bulletin, which several people told me was sacreligous, and even though I'm atheist and I shouldn't care about those things, I'll just post some stuff here because in the long run, it's just easier.

Silflay Hrakaka has moved - kicking and screaming, I think - to greener, non-blogspot pastures.

Frank at IMAO has the finalists rounded up in his subtitle contest. They're all almost as funny as him. He's got a poll up so his readers can decide the winner.

Carnival of the Vanities is live over at Real Women on Line. Hey Shanti, you got me with that little joke of yours. I was about to give you the Bill O'Reilly treatment!

Damn, I should have left for work already. If you've got something to add here, drop it in the comments.


LOL, Michele - trust me, I would nver, ever mess with you :)

Does this mean we can get off our knees now?