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question of the night: here, kitty kitty...

Dean Esmay has a burning question and he thinks my readers may have some interesting answers.

Is calling someone a "pussy" sexist? Or is it just a rational description of someone who is soft, warm, wet, and yielding?



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no. its a great descriptor for someone who is soft and yielding....the warm and wet part should not apply to the break down of the word "pussy"....sounds a little sarcastic to me...

All this talk is making me hungry.

"Pussy," along with "wanker," "sissy boy," "needle dick," and "Mr. Frenchy Frenchman," are all legitimate, reasonable insults.
And yes, "pussy" is sexist. But I'm a girl, and I can uses use sexist language if I want to. So there...

I really don't know the answer to your question, but I don't personally use it as an insult. I have far too much respect and affection for it.

Also, talking like this makes it difficult to keep both hands on the keyboard.

i think not. it is intended as a gentle insult and i have only heard it used by guys on guys. as in, you forget your midol this morning, pussy, or you burned your hand on the exaust pipe, what did ya expect, pussy. that contradiction points out the ridiculousity of the insult, if you wanted to be mean you would say cunt instead. That pretty much would start a fight.

sexist, like who cares, its the fights that matter.

I find "pussy" much more motivating than "slacker" when dealing with my 13Y.O. son.

Many thoughtful comments about this post, and I can't think of anything unique to contribute which hasn't been said already.

It all reminds me of just how much I love pussy. I like it so much. It wouldn't be bad to get some. Please?

It might be vulgar or distasteful, but I wouldn't call it sexist. It's on par with calling someone a "dick."

i don't think it's sexist - but it's probably insulting to pussies to call some dickhead one.

-- It's on par with calling someone a "dick." --

Hey, if it was acceptable for Wolverine...!

i was going to say it's not sexist at all, but then i realized that i've never called a woman one. so maybe it is, after all.

Thing is, pussies are tough. Babies come through there. I think a much more derogatory term to connote weakness would be "scrotum". Hypersensitive, shrinks from conflict, totally inflated sense of self worth. Yes, call me a pussy and I will call you a scrotum.