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repeat after me

And thus ends another Little League season. We shall now repeat the mantra of Red Sox and Cubs fans.

Maybe next year.



Sorry that the season is over. But how great that he played! I personally think that team youth sports is one of the finest of all human endeavors. (I really do!) It shapes our character.

By the way, that mantra is shared by !

Oops. there was more....shared by insert Philadelphia sports team here

(Kinda loses it's punch if you have to post it twice, huh?)


Awwwwww...that sucks. I guess it's no comfort that the Rays somehow managed to beat the Yanks today, either?

dude, even the phils beat the red sox and the yankees. I'm happy about the yankees, but the sox? not so much.

Red Sox are pussies. Cubs rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!