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bloggin' bill o'reilly

Bill O'Reilly would make a fine blogger. Imagine this whole thing as a delinking episode.

June 17, 2003



So last night I find out that another blogger is spreading rumors that someone delinked me. It's not true. He said he's just going to put my link in a different section of his list. I mean, if anyone emailed him or checked his comments they would have seen the truth. And the truth is, that I think this whole blogging thing is out of control.

Some people post the most disgusting things. They take free speech to a new level. They say bad things about me and honestly readers, if you say bad things about me it's only a short hop to the day you start a kiddie porn blog.

Don't you see? Everything comes back to me. If you delink me, the terrorists win. If you delink me, NAMBLA will take over the internet.

What did I do to deserve this? Why does anyone want to delink me? I stand for truth and justice and the American way and all you people in the blogosphere writing rants about me are blinded by your jealousy of my intellect and morality. I GET A MILLION HITS A DAY, DAMN IT! You people wish you had as many hits as me! Just wait until I get off this damn Blogspot, I'll have more hits than Hannity! Anyone who writes mean things about me is clearly not speaking the truth and is probably a pedophile or even worse, a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

Fine, delink me. See if I care. I have millions of other people who will still come to this blog every day to see what I'm writing about. So bite me, you naysayers. I don't really care if someone takes me off their blogroll, I just care that other bloggers are lying about the reason why. I'm waiting for those bloggers to make a retraction, but I guess monkeys will fly out of my butt before that happens!

Oh yea, I've shut down the comments so you can't debate me on the merits of my argument, defend yourself or say anything worthwhile, because I don't want my fans to think that you may have a point.

Posted by: Bill O'Reilly
6:21 a.m.

What a pompous ass.

Others making the case against Bill:

(I moved the list and made a bigger one. See here)


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Proving once again that the distance between "mainstream journalism" and "whiny, wanky tantrum" is very, very small.

Oh, wait--I was critical of O'Reilly! Does that mean NAMBLA now has control of my PC?

Just as long as he doesn't start calling himself "Moxie"...

Poor O'Reilly. Everyone is so mean to him just because he's a pompous ass, but he's a pompous ass who asks tough questions, dammit!

One thing about BoR is like him or hate him you are never in doubt about where he is coming from. I think that is refreshing in TV, Yes he is pompous, so what's your point?

It's one thing to be pompous. It's another to be a pompous idiot who believes the Internet contains too much of that unregulated free speech stuff that has brought this country so low in its two centuries of existence.

When someone says, "The Internet has become a sewer of slander and libel, an unpatrolled polluted waterway, where just about anything goes," does it from their highly paid bully pulpit, then adds "The reason these net people get away with all kinds of stuff is that they work for no one. They put stuff up with no restraints. This, of course, is dangerous, but it symbolizes what the Internet is becoming."....
....is that just being pompous, or is that a suggestion it might be a good idea to silence people engaging in free speech with which he disagrees?

Beautiful. I took great joy at calling him a big baby on the air today. Free speech is a wonderful thing.

Now we know why he keeps interrupting people on his show. They might disagree with him.

that darn first amendment!

I can't believe that someone who calls himself a conservative is in favor of imposing limits on people's speech. I wonder what he'd say about the "textbook censors" and their First Amendment challenges in the name of PC....

Ooh, add me! Add me! I'd love to be stacked alongside Lileks, Volokh and Reynolds.

He's obviously near-sighted. He missed on puting his prose at the bottom of the page as :The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day:.

"Dishonest" reporting? Good thing we have O'Reilly to point it out. FOX News: oxymoron?

NAMBLA and Bill O'Rielly........and the monkey flying out his butt......I shall never sleep again! (As if my sleep weren't already compromised!)

He never called himself a conservative, in fact he goes out of his way to say he is not. I am glad of that I wouldn't want a conservative like him in our camp.

"So bite me, you naysayers."

Ah, will the naysayers every stop naying?


Fuck Bill O'Reilly. He is nothing more than a very very small child who is never, ever going to get the fuck off that rocking horse that he just can't stop humping.

Starhawk, if BORe is not a conservative, you tell me what he is. Otherwise I will just assume that he is a cockroach posing as ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag with a stamp on it that says "CONSERVATIVE DOUCHEBAG".

How do you define conservative? He has a lot of views that are conservative but he also expresses opinions that most conservatives would not identify with. I guess it might boil down to what you consider yourself to be. I consider myself a conservative but there are a lot of conservative positions I don't agree with.

I define any political "label" by the position that a particular person takes on particular issues.

For example, if you are:

Anti Affirmative Action
Support the Bush Administration Agenda
Believe that the environment is fine and doesn't need a whole lot of help or protection
And think that opposing war makes you a whiney, wussy liberal who is unable to comprehend the notion that we are "helping" people by killing them.

That describes most conservatives in this country. But see, that's the problem with generalizing and labeling. No one set of rules is going to apply for everyone. But Bill O'Reilly is as close to a conservative as you can get. And I only come to that conclusion because he maintains the same views that many conservatives have and many conservatives love the crap out of him. That would be a pretty good indication, since most conservatives I know aren't so keen on those who don't share their views.

You may be an acception. I don't know you, so I couldn't say. I "call myself" a liberal. But I don't agree with quite a few liberal views and I think the majority of the politicians who are supposedly representing liberals these days SUCK. In fact, let me rephrase, POLITICIANS SUCK.