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giving, getting and dirty american capitalsts

American RealPolitik delivers the best political comics out there on a daily basis, all in one place. I read them every day.

They got into a bit of a mess over this, which you can read about here. Now, they are trying to do the right thing and Cagle comics is trying to help them do it. For $500 a year, Cagle will license their fine political comics to American RealPolitik for them to post on their site.

They are asking for donations to help defray this cost and I gladly gave. I know you can get the comics elsewhere, by digging through several sites a day, but the two guys at RealPolitik have taken time every day to gather them together for our enjoyment and I have no problem giving them monetary thanks for that.

Which leads me to another thing.

Last week when I posted that bit about Andrew Sullivan and his begathon, I made reference to my own tip jars and wishlist.

Of course, I received a few emails in response. Because people who have negative things to say about me rarely do so in my comments, for fear of the rest of you, I guess. Honestly, I wish they would do it in the comments so you can say that I do not make this shit up.

Two of the emails went something like this (and here I sort of combine both and loosely paraphrase):

You are a cyber whore. You have some nerve to trash Andrew Sullivan and then ask for money. What do you do to deserve that money? Why should people give it to you when there are starving kids in Africa? Why should anyone buy you something? You are a filthy, greedy capitalist, typical American swine pig dog wolf, etc. You take and take and take and laugh at all the other bloggers out there who give to you. Hahhaha laugh at them you pigdog!

Well, that was the gist of the emails anyhow.

Not that it's really any of their business, but I just don't stand here with my hands in my pockets clutching my goody bag while my bank account fills up (if only it would - and by that I mean by some swipe of luck as I play megamillions Lotto). I have given to other bloggers, I have bought them stuff from wishlists, and I have made every effort to to throw some of my traffic the way of others by making a habit of linking heavily to other blogs. It's all one can do from the other side of a computer, no?

So basically, I'm not a whore because a whore doesn't reciprocate and pay you when the sex was really good.

As for being a capitalst American pig, thank you. Yes, I am. But I promise to send some money to Sally Struthers to take care of those kids in Africa if it makes you feel any better. I'll tuck a little note in the envelope telling the kids that their leader is starving them to death because he won't accept genetically modified food - food that would fill their bellies and maybe put a smile on their face and really, really won't give them strange diseases or make their skin fall off or harm them in the way that slowly starving to death is.
Feel better now? I know I do.


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And it feels better than giving it to NPR!