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been holding this in

Hamas has refused to end attacks on Israel.

Well, what did you expect? It's deeply disturbing that a terrorist group is being negotiated with. There should be no talking, no attempts at a ceasefire, no negotiations.

There's talk of American troops going in and dealing with Hamas. I say do it. Better yet, do it immediately. Don't wait for another suicide bomber hopped up on pipe dreams of martydom to blow apart more innocent victims.

This is the only way the crimes committed upon the innocents of Israel will end. Go to the root source of the terrorism and take away its toys. If Hamas continues to exist, violence in the mideast continues to exist.

These are not men. They are monsters. They are demons with bombs and guns and a giant, virgin-encrusted death wish. Give them their deaths. Give them their martydom. I'd rather see 20 Palestinian mothers wailing over the death of their inhuman sons than see 20 Palestinian mothers rejoicing because their sons have just died and taken out a busload of Israeli women and children with them.

These people are not to be bargained with. They are not to be negotiated with. They are liars and false prophets to those who worship them, to those who believe their religious lies about the life hereafter and how Jews should be gone from the face of the earth. If they lie like that to people who praise them, they will lie to those who hate them.

There will be no ceasefire. There will be no truce. There will be only death and carnage and charred bodies scattered in Israel until we make sure the only deaths are those of the members of Hamas. Yes, and their supporters.

Kill or be killed, as the saying goes. Preventive medicine.


Yeh, but it torques the hell out of me that it, once again, falls to us to do this because the rest of the world has neither the sack do to what's right nor the vision to recognize it.

Can we start calling them terrorists now? If I have to correct AP copy on the air one more time I'm going to go on a rant.

We don't have to do it. Israel is fully capable of doing it, if only we would stop pressuring them to treat rabid animals as if they were human.


Destroy them all and maybe, just maybe, the bulk of the "Palestinian" population will realize that if they want a country they need to stop killing Jews. And maybe the rest of the Arab world will realize that it would be better to live with Israel than to keep killing themselves.

But I won't hold my breath because I think it will also require destroying several more despotic regimes.

we could slay them with the jaw bones of an ass...
but alas, this is the 21 C and modern man is too refined...

this is a dispute of 2 peoples for one land--pure and simple as that!

we could slay them with the jaw bones of an ass...
but alas, this is the 21 C and modern man is too refined...

this is a dispute of 2 peoples for one land--pure and simple as that!

Prankman, it is simple, but not a dispute of 2 peoples for one land. It's a dispute over the continued existence of one people. The "one land" was partitioned years ago, with one group getting the vast bulk of it but not being satisfied unti the other is exterminated.

Actually, prankman was correct. If, of course, he was referring to the entirety of Israel proper. Conventional wisdom in western circles is that The Arab Palestinians will be happy if they are just allowed to have a state of their own. The fact of the matter is that those who wield power (Hamas for example) will accept nothing less than driving every last Jew into the sea. This desire is shared by most of the Arab world as evidenced by their repeated attempts to do so by force. Having failed miserably (don't they at everything?) they are pursuing this goal via a war of attrition using the "refugees" as proxies.

It's really a microcosm of the larger problem in the world today. The followers of modern day Islam refuse to play nice with others. It's long past time to put a boot in their ass. Thankfully, I think we finally have an administration moving in that direction. I just wish they'd quit sending mixed signals to Israel regarding their pursuit of terrorists.

Michele (and Ken, and Zymurgist):


Thanks, Pete. Fortunately, I have teenagers and I actually understood what you said.;)