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Cap Capers

Obviously I stirred up some deep-rooted feelings in many people over the Roger Clemens Cap Controversy. What better way to decide things than with a nonsensical poll?

I disabled commenting on the poll itself. You may comment here instead so everyone can see what a whiner you are.

Margin of error is 99%. Results are unscientific and may result in hurt feelings, eye injuries or disturbing bowel movements. See your doctor if any of these conditions persist


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Asshat all the way, bay-bee!

I don't get why the cubs?

How about, "I'm a Yankee, Now Kiss My Feet You Peon". Yeah, I like the sound of that.

Uh. Yeah.

That should say Sox. Will fix.

Must have had loser teams on the brain.

Hey, where is the obligatory reference to monkeys?......... Oops, wrong blog

I've added the obligatory monkey reference. Link included.

I'm not sure I understand this poll completely. What's the difference between wearing an asshat and saying "George Bush Lied about WMD", again? :)

As a lifetime Reds fan (and part time Phillies fan, but only when Rose, Morgan & Perez played for them), I can say with utmost objectivity, he should be inducted as a RedSox(ian?).

You know, being a sox fan, I used to love Clemens, but if he's going to be a little bitch and boycott his induction, then don't induct him. At all. I'd rather have him lose his chance than be inducted as a red sox. Well, if he was just an old ratty red sox itself, with a hole maybe. He's turned into a royal pompous ass since going with the yankees.

Where's the Texas Longhorns option?

Roger who?

Baseball. It's like watching paint dry.

Write-in selection:

"I Pitch To Michael Moore!"

I don't see my selection...A yankees hat with Piazza's bat buried in it.

Oh, and I think Ralph Gizzip may be a communist. Ask him who won the series in 1942.

Heh. Just kidding, Ralph. Although I must say that baseball is the sport for people with an attention span. Heh.

Whiner? Ain't no whiner here. Just call 'em like I see 'em.
Million dollar arm. 2-bit mentality.

I'm going to keep any obligatory monkey references from my subtitle vote for tomorrow. I've learned my lesson on that.

I got your obligatory monkey reference right here!

Imperial Falconer

What about my attention sp... ooooh donuts!

He should wear a Gaylord Perry Special? cap... one with the logos of all the teams he played on.