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hulkamania! part 2

Thanks to the Cracker Barrel Philosopher for pointing out that X-Entertainment has the best review of the Hulk Hands mentioned (and seen) in this post.

I want to be Matt of X-E when I grow up. Err, down? Hey, did you know that there's an X-E blog? Yes, there is.

Speaking of Hulk toys, loyal reader, friend and fellow Rammstein worshiper Carol sent this picture of her kids having a Hulk-ish Father's Day, too.

[click for hulk-size image]

Got Hulk? Send me pictures!


From a sand castle building competition this weekend in Oakland:


No pictures, but all of our famous "Quotes of the Day" this week are quotes from the big green goliath himself.

anyone else see this? - http://incrediblehulk.blogspot.com/