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burn, baby, burn


In better, more refreshing news, I discoverd that mixing Peach Snapple Iced Tea with Bacardi Gold makes one hell of a drink.


Ow, that looks painful..

I'd give you a hug but I bet it would hurt. I'll buy ya a drink instead!

always the silver lining babe
arent ya

Ouch! My daughter just came back from graduation trip with a burn like that. Best thing for it (and I'm a redhead, I know about these things) is tea bags...you can take a tea bath, or just place wet tea bags on the burn. Really takes the sting out.

Is that your ass?

My bad. That's your shoulder isn't it?

Yes, Jeff, it's my shoudler.

Now that you know the difference between a shoulder and an ass, let's work on knowing your ass from your elbow.

Well, at first glance, it could be an ass. It may take me awhile to get the difference between my ass and my elbow. Let's just say, I have asshat tendencies.

That sounds good! I love peach iced tea.

looks like a small moon to me.

"looks like a small moon to me."

That's no moon... it's a space station.

Rum goes great with just about everything, doesn't it? That's why we see so many smilin' faces down there in the Caribbean, mon!



Try champagne and peach schnapps (half and half) for a SERIOUS summer drink. It helps if both are ice-cold.

No thanks necessary.

Speaking of telling one's arse from their elbow...


hopefully it's still up somewhere.

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