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media moments

So DJ's second game was - suprise - rained out. We had ourselves quite a summer storm for an hour or so. They would have had to swim around the bases in order to play.

So instead, I dropped DJ back off at his dad's and came home to do that watching tv in our underwear thing. We watched The Big Lebowski, again. Best line from that movie:

The Dude: And, you know, he's got emotional problems, man.
Walter Sobchak: You mean... beyond pacifism?

Then we watched Last Comic Standing. They tried to give it that American Idol feel, with guest judges and personal glimpses of the contestants. Note to producers: When people tune in for a comedy show, they want to laugh. They don't want to hear about one woman's dead husband and her quest to turn her wedding bands into a necklace, another woman's divorce or the tale of the immigrant who grew up in poverty. The dude cried!

Plus, I never liked Buddy Hacket, who was one of the judges. And that Joe Rogan dude (from News Radio) is an asshat.

During commercials we tortured ourselves by watching Attack of the Clones. Now that was funny, in a "I'm laughing at you, George Lucas, because if I didn't just laugh at the horror of this movie, I would be raking razor blades over your testicles" way.

There's a reason I'm number one on Google for George Lucas is a fuckwad. And, as I said in that particular entry on Google,:

Damn you, George Lucas. Damn you for that and damn you for the ewoks and damn you for not letting it rest after Jedi.


"...if I didn't just laugh at the horror of this movie, I would be raking razor blades over your testicles..."

Ewwwwww...don't be mad, but I just had a mental picture of you shaving George Lucas' sac.

I need to go wash out my head.

I hate to sound like a cranky old geezer, but I just don't understand the appeal of all these damn "reality" shows.

You'd think that extremes depicted in The Truman Show might have sounded a cautionary note, but obviously the message was completely lost on our populace.

The true proof of just how much George Lucas sucks ass as a director is that he manages to make it look like Natalie Portman, Ewan MacGregor, and Samuel Jackson are really shitty actors.

Whereas the truth is, they're all fantastic -- as countless other movies have shown.

Oh well, at least I got to see Natalie in a white jumpsuit. That part was pretty cool.

But big(and good) actors(and actresses) have always gone in for roles in fantasy venues that neither require nor permit them to use their real talents.
Ex; Dick Tracy, Batman, the 1960s TV series(remember all the major stars who were guest villains?), etc...

Were you listening to the dude's story?