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always wear sunscreen

They won. They actually won a playoff game.

Final score: Sir Speedy 11, Prescription Headquarters 7, Me - one mean sunburn.

I have to head back to the field in an hour for their second playoff game today.

DJ will be pitching part of the game. By cramming two playoff games into one day, not only did they piss off a lot of parents, but they screwed up the pitching rotation. So my son will come to the rescue even though he hasn't pitched in over a year.

I hate watching him pitch. Hate it. It's nervewracking.

Anyhow, I'll be back at some point tonight, suburn and all.


Shell, I dont think there will be a game 2 tonight, since the skies have opened!

woohoo! yay dj!

Keep the ball down son, don't groove anything for them and hit the first guy in the leg or something so they are all afraid.

KNow what you mean, my wife got sunBURN last game and our son only pitches every few games (for one inning) and our ace hit 2 players (automatic pitching change) and NAte cmae in with a one run lead, man I was Shi**ing bricks..........we lost but Nate held them to 0 runs with 2 strikeout and pne pop fly (whew)