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break in the action

You know what they say about the best laid plans...they get shot to hell with one phone call.

Today was going to be that hanging around, watching movies in our underwear, sitting happily at the keyboard sort of day. Too bad the Little League playoff game from last night was rescheduled for 1pm today. And if DJ's team wins, they play again at 5pm. Not a likely scenario, considering they were 3-9 on the season and their play got more lackluster as the season grew on and rainouts outnumbered actual played games.

I guess I won't be beating myself up over trying to get this site looking good. At least it's not raining for a change. I really thought I was going to see an ark float by soon.

I totally would have saved the unicorn, you know.

Hey, while I'm gone, go to the post below and make up a limerick/haiku for Treacher's birthday.


Wow. An Irish Rovers reference. Now I'm really impressed.

I kow the feeling - my son's first game is Thursday, and they have managed to fit in exactly 2 practices between the rain storms here in VA. Oh, and its the first year of kid pitch too. I forsee a lot of very long games...

The first year of kid pitch is torture. Expect three hour games, a whole lot of walks, and the outfielders falling asleep in the grass.

The Staggers do a hella cool cover of the Unicorn Song.

Sure as your born, it ain't no wussified kiddie tune...not that there's anything wrong with that.