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a treacher feature

There are very few people in the blogosphere who have made me laugh as much as Jim Treacher has.

Jim is a good guy with a big heart and I don't think he would mind me telling you that. He's also a good guy to have as a friend and sometimes people abuse that good quality in a person.

Enough of the sappy stuff. There's a reason I'm telling you this. Today is Jim's birthday. He's had a pretty rough week. Hell he's had a pretty rough month, maybe even year. He's put up with a lot of bullshit and he still had enough good humor left in him to make me laugh out loud every single day.

Go over and say happy birthday to him. Give him a few whacks on the ass if you must, or tell him he looks like a monkey and smells like one too, but just give him good wishes when you're done with all that.

Or you can sign this card and we'll give it to him at the office party at Blogosphere headquarters. I'll bring the gin.

[his comments seem to be fritzy at the moment, so you can leave your birthday wishes for him here, and I'll see that he sees them]


Hey, it was the best I could come up with on short notice.

Have a good one, Jim.


His comments on that post are not working or weird or something, so I'll say it here -- Happy Birthday, dude!

Happy Happy Birthday, Mr. Treacher! I've always loved your fish and chips!

I was going to say that,too LeeAnn.My God,how long ago was AT's F&C's?anyway,the Treach of the day is a fine and funny fellow,and best wishes to him.

I take it Jim Treachery is now outing himself as Onstad?

Happy Birthday, Treacher. I wuz going to try to say something funny, but it's hot today and I got nothin'.

Happy B-Day Jim!

You know, I don't know who this f**kwad named "Arthur" is, but his IP is I don't like creeps.

Here's the comment he left in my birthday post to Treacher:

"How do you feel about wishing a non-existent person a happy birthday? Pretty stupid, I'd bet."

That's why I think this guy, whoever he is, is a creep.

Happy Birthday!

You are a damn funny guy making me feel my blog is inferior - good work!

I do still kind of miss the Blogspot flames though.

Whoever the troll is, he's from Canada.

Thanks, guys. And not only am I Onstad, I'm also Yasmine Bleeth.

I wonder if that guy is the same one posting as me on Dawn's blog? Because that's not me. One of the many reasons I've turned off comments until I can figure out if I really want to run a free babysitting service.

Anyway, to the other 99.9%, thank you very much!

Okay, so this is a belated birthday wish. Nevertheless, hope you had a good one Jim.