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No matter how much you're drinking, Mambo Number 5 never sounds good.

Though Dio's Holy Diver holds up pretty good.

So does Bye-Bye-Bye. I swear, I'm waving my hands in the air like I just don't care.

I think Justin just disowned me.


BLASPHEMY! That is such a happy, jumping song!

Uh - Mambo #5, not the Dio thing.

I love mambo#5 in all forms including the version with the Disney characters

"A little bit o' Erica, by my side..."

You're just jealous because you're not in the song.

sippin on rum and coke... wonder if you'll make it...

Enough of the friggin bye-bye-bye.

Ain't no lie, baby....

Greatest ... Guns tune ... ever