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part 3: Andy Gibb gave me blisters

I guess I've gone from buzzed to drunk, because I just sang Andy Gibb's I Just Want to be Your Everything to my husband.

He blushed. Heh.

This song was huge when I was in junior high. One day we were at the beach, listening to the radio. Some deranged DJ was hellbent on getting fired and played nothing but that Andy Gibb song for his entire shift. Of course, I was in heaven. Ohhh, Andy Gibb! Over and Over!

I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I had sun poisoning. That was back in the day when we actually slathered ourselves in baby oil before laying in the sun. Who knew that one day our vain quest for a sunburn would come back to haunt us in the form of panicking every time we see an unfamiliar blotch on our skin? I'm still waiting for that day - the day of my only bad sunburn ever - to take its toll on me.

Anyhow, that's how Andy Gibb gave me blisters on my skin.


I remember a NKOTB song entitled I'll Be Your Everything, but I'm pretty sure that that's not at all related to anything Andy Gibb's ever done. And I shouldn't have even brought up NKOTB.

I've been on an Andy Gibb kick lately myself...

I've always liked kicking Andy Gibb.

oh man you are bringing back memories
i can one up you
we used to lie out on those aluminum foil blankets
one summer my mom said why not just go all the way and really fry
we were out of suntan oil
so she gave us a bottle of mazola corn oil
and we used it
my sister and i fried like eggs
on our foil in mazola
we got killer tans
but man
well lets just say
i just got back from a full check up at the dermatologist
go ever year
as to andy gibb
always hated all the gibbs
i was the rocker with the disco sucks t-shirt
remember them

i was anti bee gees
but andy was different from his bros
a little hipper
he was a gibb
so i was anti andy too

just on principal

as to beach music
for me it was
stairway to heaven
and freebird
with anything
anything at all
by blondie

damn girl
we are getting old

forget to tell ya
that was me
above on my long ass
bee gee disco sucks rant

I have fair skin. Baby oil and sun in my youth gives me nightmares.

Growing up is south florida meant that I maintained a severe sunburn at all times, year-round... it got to the point where I wouldn't burn, I just stayed a weathered bronze color with salt bleached hair.

Now, at fifty, I get these little growths on my arms and legs, and the dermatologist tells me not to worry, they are benign and NOT the beginings of melanoma.

I think he's lying to me to keep me from getting upset but he shouldn't worry about that... I KNOW we are all going to die of SARS anyway...

I'm picturing Rossi's head on a turkey leg, a la Kramer.