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part 2: what song is you want to hear?

The Netscape Radio station I'm listening to is playing Freebird.

There was a time when Freebird was an anthem of sorts. Back when I had no taste in music. Not that I do now.

When I was in high school, back in the dark ages, country-rock was a big thing. You know, Charlie Daniels, Outlaws, Marshall Tucker, that type of music. And the everpresent Lynyrd Skynyrd, which all posers spelled Leonard Skinnard.

Man, I knew that whole guitar masterpiece at the end by heart. Too bad I only played air guitar.

Lord knows I cant cha-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-ange....

So there was the inevitable time that I was standing on a picnic table during one of our cut-out days, fingers flying, teeth gritted, real guitar action, except I had no guitar. Yea, I fell off the table. I sort of flew, I think my arms actually tried to flap. I landed with a thud on the dirt and stayed there for the rest of the day.

At least my guitar didn't break.


Didja know he died? You know, Lenard Skinner? Didja know? ;)

Aren't you forgetting someone...Molly Hatchett?

I am working on my compilation CD right now. Here are some songs on it.

Slaughter - Fly To The Angels
Kix - Don't Close Your Eyes
LA Guns - Never Enough
Guns N' Roses - Patience
Bullet Boys - Smooth Up In Ya
FireHouse - Love of A Lifetime
Dokken - Into the Fire

yeah, but (imhdo)* "Can't you see" by the Marshall Tucker Band is one of the all time greats.

  • in my honest drunken opinion


Wasn't you like 7 when the first rousing renditions of Freebird hit the airrwaves???? That is a little 2 young to be dropping acid, huh?

Just kiddin, this blog rocks, keep it up.