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memories of my hallucinogenic youth, part 1

Apparently the Swirlspice drink has the same effect as pot, because I'm listening to Pink Floyd.

I once listened to Shine on you Crazy Diamond for three hours straight. I sat on a beanbag chair - no, melted into the beanbag chair - at Mary Anne's house and stared into space that whole time. I think I had an out of body experience.

Perhaps my spirit was just sick of the song and decided to take off in search of a better music selection.

I wonder if it ever came back.


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Sounds like you were comfortably numb.

The first time I heard that song I was camping with my parents as a teen. I got up early to go fishing in the mountains of Colorado and it was just me and some really good cheeba and that song on my walkman. Almost a religious experience.

The first time, by the way, (yes I know it's your blog and not mine and nobody cares about me or they would be at my blog instead of yours) the first time that I heard Dark Side of the Moon I was at a Drive Inn on a date with a distant friend's x girlfriend. I didn't usually date friends x girlfriends but for some reason I was there with her and he showed up with some good weed. He asked if I wanted some we went to his VW Bug with kick butt stereo and lit up with Dark Side of the Moon in playing and I never left the bug the rest of the night. They got back together, by the way.

Thanks for bringing back those memories.

I did something like that last week. On a work night, and felt like shit the next day. Life ain't the same when you're 36 as when you're 21.

But if you're doing Pink Floyd, why not do some Traffic, too?!