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so, what do you want to do tonight?

I've decided to go with the Swirlspice (rum, vodka, milk, coke). I don't imagine I'll be drinking too many of these. But they are good.

I've had a run of trackback pings from lefties today, for various different posts - some of them quite old. Were asmallvictory.net links on sale at the moonbat gift shop?
Oh, and note to specific person: Flocci non facio. Either Caput tuum in ano est or Podex perfectus est. Same thing, really.

Refill time.


i hate that you're 3 hours ahead of me...if I started drinking now, people would talk..

Enjoy! I'm gonna have to have one m'self.

You lost me at the milk...

Cracking open the beer shortly. That drink sounds naseous making.

Try this;

half a shot of Kalua
half a shot of Amoretto
A full shot of an amber Rum (Mt. Gay's Sugar Cane Rum is great)

Fill with milk and ice.


It's good without the milk/cream, too. And those flavored creamers will do in a pinch when good ol' half-n-half isn't available. Mine is tasty. :9

You kids are gonna get diabetes.

I know it's too late for the drink menu roundup, but this would be a "Sketches of Strain":

Two shots of vodka
Shot of Triple Sec
Jigger of Rose's Lime Juice
Ice cubes
Cranberry juice to the top of a tall glass

Stir. Drink the first one fast.

Sip the second.




ps> Erica!

What's the proportions on the swirlspice? And do you just pour the rum and vodka over ice, fill with milk and float the coke? It sounds tasty, but I wanna get it right...

Please disregard the last post on the grounds that I'm a damned idiot.

Hi David. sexy wink

Try this:

Framboise martini.

First, get clear framboise. Do not get Chambord or any other such sweet, weak red stuff. Clear framboise is simply raspberries run through a still, clocks in at 86 to 90 proof, is clear as vodka, and smells like kerosine that's been infused with raspberries. Do not be alarmed by the smell. It tastes just like kerosine.

Other ingredient: plain dry vermouth.

Take 6 parts clear framboise to 1 part dry vermouth (Tom Lehrer's proportions for a regular martini) and shake with ice in a cocktail shaker.

Serve in a chilled glass and sip, or pour into shot glasses and down with wreckless abandon. The former is good if you want to affect a veneer of decency and restraint; after all, nothing wrong with sipping what seems like an innocuous little fruit flavored cocktail, is there? The latter is good for when you're in a beastly mood, and want to gulp down flammable liquids just to show that you're still alive enough to be self-destructive. Dare your companions to have some, and laugh without pity as their spines snap to attention as the fumes assault their sinuses.

A good drink is one that makes you feel either much more or much less civilized as you require without any alteration in the recipe. I think this is the secret of the regular martini's perennial appeal, as well as that of bourbon, scotch, and whisky generally.