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screw you guys, i'm going home

You people are killing me. I want to get a nice buzz on, not burn a hole in my stomach.

I'll go home first and then run to the liquor store later. Come up with something that won't taste like ass (Unless it tastes like Andy's ass, which is really sweeeeet).


You are very weird.

I think that's why I like you.

And no, none of you people can taste my ass.

"I want to get a nice buzz on"

Someone call me?

Michele's right - too much strangely mixed alcohol on that other thread. If anyone wants to have some REAL Friday Fun, check out this song on the Donnas' first (self-titled) CD:

I cannot confirm nor deny that Andy has a sweet ass. Thank you, that is all.

Hey, the drink I suggested is the smoothest girly drink ever invented. Trust me. When peach schnapps is involved, you don't realize you're drinking alcohol.

This is my new fav drink from this week, but it doesn't scream "About Damn Time" - that really needs something with HARD liquor. But anyway, I digress...

Malibu Bay Breeze
1 1/2 oz Malibu rum
2 oz Cranberry juice
2 oz Pineapple juice


I'm not going to try and claim it as my own drink, but whiskey sours kick ass:

According to The Webtender:
2 oz Blended whiskey
Juice of 1/2 Lemon
1/2 tsp Powdered sugar
1 Cherry
1/2 slice Lemon

But I think they're full of shit... use lime juice, or some kinda limeaide mix. I've tried it both ways and it's the lime that makes it taste right. Use a shaker and strain out the ice.

In honor of Donald Rumsfeld, how about a Rum(my) Punch?

Keep it simple... rum, ginger ale, frozen fruit punch concentrate, frozen OJ concentrate, and ice.

hey, I think you just have to go crawling back to Senor Cuervo... You may as well make up w/ him now and get it over with. Who wants a girlie drink any way???
Friday the 13th marathon on tonight too.