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a great day in blogdom

At long last, Dr. Frank has a new home. Don't know when the grand opening is, but go take a peek and feast your eyes on yet another Blogspot migrator.

Another fine blog, Tightly Wound, has left the confines of Blogspot also. You can now find her at Bigarmwoman.com.

Oh, and another. Kymberliey Swygert's Number 2 Pencil has joined the Blogpsot jihad and can now be found here.


That would be Bigarmwoman.com. Thanks for the heads up..

"Kymberlie" - I love it! If I ever switch careers from psychometrician/blogger to exotic dancer, that's the spelling I'm using...

um, you're missing a /s

Hey, just because you spell it Kymberlie doesn't mean you're an exotic dancer. :-)

Aw, c'mon. Maybe it's because my life is colossally boring right now, but I'm enjoying my fantasy of becoming Kymberlie, high-priced exotic dancer and girl about town.

Didja ever see a summary (I think Spy Magazine printed it in the 80's) that showed Kimberly (with multiple variations on spelling) was the most common name for Playboy Playmates up to that time? Seriously, like 7% of thirty-years worth of playmates were Kim(berly)/Kym(berly). Most common name. Heh.

We're somewhere past 30 blogs at this point, I'll be posting a complete list in the next day or two.