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Friday Freaks roundup #1: What's the matter with kids today?

I'll tell you what's the matter with kids today: adults. I've got a rogue's gallery of bad parents, bad pastors, and bad school systems as evidence.

  • Babysitter found dead, but kids thought she was just "passed out" because they've seen their mommy passed out before. The babysitter overdosed on the mom's liquid methadone.

  • Investigators have closed a group home for troubled boys while they check reports that residents dumped a housemate into a septic tank and forced him to sit without pants on a fire ant mound. The victim was 13. [link fixed]

  • Police department allows a sex-offender to host a McGruff Safe House for children.

  • Mom uses stun gun to punish 13 year old daughter for using computer.

  • Young girl is terrorized by church members in the name of religion.

  • Mom arrested after throwing hotel liquor party for 8th graders.

  • Mom's shoplifting spree goes bad, leaves seven year old daughter behind to face cops.

And there's issue one of the Friday Freaks roundup.


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link to group home story is wrong (goes to dead babysitter)

You should never use a stun gun to punish your child. Stick to whipping them with a wet leather belt.


Thanks for giving more justification to my misanthropy.

Why do so many of these stories come from Florida?


While Fredericksburg Police Search For Highway Rock Thrower, up in Rockville, police are DODGING rocks as a Teen [is] Accused Of Throwing Rocks At Police.
Meanwhile, in Franconia, Fairfax County Police have caught Three Teens Accused Of Throwing Rocks

How long will we ignore this problem, while special interest groups insist that "Rocks don't kill people..."
We must ban rocks...
[everyone together]

What's the old joke about needing a license to drive, but anyone can have a kid.......yeah.

Here, you can add this one to your growing list of asshatted parents:

Vegan Couple Starved Toddler from, "Hi, I'm Black" blog site.

Oops, sorry, here is the link directly to the post:

Veganism As a Religion?

It wasn't hard liquor. It was beer and Bacardi Malt Beverage, which is the same basic concoction as Zima.

The stun gun story? The mother happens to be a patient at the dr I work for in Hernando County. I know the daughter as well. Let me tell you something. I am not an advocate of child abuse...but if you knew this child, you would understand why mom resorted to the tazer...*laugh* The kid is completely problematic, a real hooch. Then again, on second thought, this is probably as a result of having a mother who is dependant on narcotics and would use a stun gun on her boyfriend as a form of foreplay. Ugh. Hernando county...more specifically, Brooksville and Spring Hill, are the armpits of florida. Can someone please win the lottery and get me the hell out of here?