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dinner conversation

Nat: Mom, what's for dinner?

Me: It's too hot and humid to cook.

DJ: Ok, I'll just have ice cream.

Nat: I'll have a Pop-Tart.

They both look at me expectantly.

Me: Fine.

Their eyes widen. They run before I can change my mind and grab their selected dinners.

Two minutes later I feel guilty.

Me: Hey guys? Make sure you have a glass of OJ or milk with that dinner, ok?

There, much better.


I worried that making mine eat a carrot with her cheetos was too much orange food.

when my wife had to fly back to NJ for a funeral, it was up to me to provide for the kids.

You're like mother of the year compared to what I let them eat.

All I ate in high school was Gatorade and Doritos.

I survived almost my entire senior year on microwave popcorn and sharp cheddar cheese.

I've been cooking for myself--and family--since I was 14. Real food, not just the popcorn and cheese--I took that year off!

You're just getting them ready early for the college years of ramen :-)

It would have been really funny if you put a black dot on their food.

What is this "milk" that you speak of? And what does an acquitted murderer have to do with nutrition?

Same conversation, substitute frozen microwave pizza's. You are not alone. Let go of the guilt.

Michele, there are times when Heidi lets Sorena eat cake for dinner. Or popcorn and candy, if it's a late afternoon movie day.

Nice touch, the OJ and the milk. My friend doesn't do that.

Coolest. Mom. Ever. ;)