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he does not stand alone

Scott stands with Israel.

I stand with Scott.

Go, read. Now.


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» A Stand For Israel from oxymoronic.org
Most excellent statement of why to support Israel and how not to be an anti-semite. Via that kooky kid called [Read More]


Michele, thank you for posting the link. that is something that needs to be read.

Yes,great link.Thank you.

"If you don't agree with the sentiments above I want you to read the rest of this very slowly. I want you to understand how stupid and ignorant you are. "

Now that's persuasive writing. There were reasonably good points in the rest of his post, but he starts off by insulting the key part of his audience. "If you don't already agree with everything I say, you suck!" Talk about shooting yourself in the foot... What a shame, the rest of the post was quite informative and fairly interesting.