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big pimpin' in the middle school parkin' lot

Last week, I picked Natalie up from school when she had to stay late for extra help. As I sat in my car in front of the school waiting, I couldn't help but stare at the young girls hanging out on the school lawn.

No, no, not like that. I was staring in horror. Thongs sticking out of their low cut pants, shirts that were cut off just below their newly formed boobs, ass cracks peeking out from too-tight jeans and t-shirts emblazoned with the Porn Star logo.

My mother often chastises me for letting Natalie go to school in baggy pants and sweatshirts. If mom only knew what the other girls were wearing, she probably wouldn't mind Natalie's outfits at all. I'd prefer she dress down then dress like a ho.

So imagine my surprise when I spotted this article over at Nancy's:

County Commissioner Curtis Adams said a county school principal was wrong in barring several students from taking part in an eighth grade graduation because they were "overdressed."

Like Nancy said, shouldn't we be rewarding the kids who are fully dressed these days? Especially in this age of pop idols who practically bare it all on stage and screen, I hardly think overdressed is something to punish kids for.

Look at the kids in question:


See the one on the right? The principal told him he looked like a pimp. A pimp. That's an eight grader, an honor student, getting that attitude from his principal.

What the hell is wrong with our school system that we hear stories like this everyday, principals and teachers who haven't a clue as to what a good education really involves.

It certainly doesn't involve punishing kids for being dressed up nice. Personally, I'd rather have a son who dressed like a pimp than a daughter who dressed like a ho.


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That guy's obviously never been to a quince He'd probably have a stroke. (A "quince" -- pronounced "keen-say" -- is a Cuban coming-out party for girls, kind of like a debtante ball -- not that kind of "coming out" you pre-verts! ;} -- usually thrown when the girl is fifteen, hence the name, which means fifteen in Spanish. I've seen outfits on girls at those parties which didn't make me feel underdressed, they made me feel as if I'd stripped naked and rolled in mud.)

The kids' suit is purple. Would you tolerate going out to a really nice restaurant with someone wearing a purple suit? It's a matter of taste.

Why wouldn't you tolerate going to a really nice restaurant with someone in a purple suit, exactly? Seen any NFL players all dressed up lately? I'd rather see a young boy in a purple SUIT than the tank tops, shorts and flip-flops they wear to church down here in Florida all year long.

Those kids look fine.Like Robyn I live in Florida.Key West even,they still dress like 60s flower children hippies here.I wouldn`t wear a purple suit but it looks ok on that guy. If I HAVE to wear a suit I would prefer a pin striped one or even better a nice SHINY shark skin one.COOOL !!!

pimps? hos? it's all cash money millionaires to me.

I might be reaching, but I'm guessing a white boy in a suit wouldn't be called a pimp. I think he looks cool, and I doubt an honour student would need to dress or act like a pimp regardless of the colour of his skin.

Some people really need to grow up. I was at a fair/show yesterday where a woman got a paint on tattoo on her breast, then ceremoniously uncovered her pale white flabby breast to show the world, along with the scabby looking skin toned bra she was wearing and her purple stretch marked belly as well (she's not a small girl). Ordinarily I wouldn't care less but she's standing at a corporate tent handing out balloons to kiddies like this. The blouse she had on only had 2 buttons done up, and it aint a small blouse folks.

"Look mummy, the ho gave me a balloon" LOL!

Why wouldn't you tolerate going to a really nice restaurant with someone in a purple suit, exactly?

I will repeat what I said above--it's a matter of taste. Mine.

Pimp fashion is gaudy, annoying, and childish. I gather that's the point of it, a great big spitball in the eye of the Man.

I believe I know what you are talking about when you cite NFL players, but I am afraid that argument is wasted on me. I never take my social cues from men who make a lot of money playing a boys' game, I don't believe a gentleman ought to do that, much as I have the conceit that I am a gentleman. I will here point out examples of NFL players, albeit retired ones, dressed tastefully on the NFL pregame shows, such as Howie Long or Terry Bradshaw on Fox.

A pity no one could steer that kid into a suit which would be appropriate in more settings than a nightclub, which is what it looks useful for to me. I note how good the girls in the example provided by Michele look, they look serious and grownup.

I realize we are only talking about a Jr. High School graduation, but maybe somebody ought to try and get kids like him into the habit of thinking about what is appropriate, before he tries wearing a neon purple suit to a job interview.

For the record, I wouldn't piss all over the boys' grad night by telling him he looks like a pimp. He's leaving the school in any case, someone else can worry about forming his character or imparting standards of taste or whatever.

I'm willing to bet that it is going to come out in the next few days that the reason the principal had the "overdressed" policy is there are some kids in that school who could not afford a nice evening gown or cool suit because they're parents aren't working or the family has financial woes.

Somehow the "overdressed" kids are ruining the kids who have harder time at home self esteem.

That said, I think they kids all look rather spiffy. I'd rather see a nicely dressed young man wearing clothes he likes than some guy in a suit his parents picked.

Oh ferfucksake:

Kimberly Reed, whose son was told he looked like a pimp, told Channel 12, "I feel that it was very racist for her to tell my child that he looked like a pimp. My child do not know what a pimp is."

Racist?! Why does everything have to be racist (to you too Jessica Parker)? Last time I checked pimps came in all different colors.

And nice english on the part of the mother. Doesn't help her case any to sound illiterate.

I for one would love to see what the principal was wearing that afternoon. How over/under dressed was he? Was he wearing a suit?

I think the suit looks great!I'm a 48 year old Chicago raised white boy,and I think he looks just fine.My God,lighten up.(But then again I have an eggplant Zoot Suit in the closet for special occasions,so my taste might be a little skewed from the norm)

Well this may be playing the 'racist' card, too -- but it wasn't lost on me that the NFL players mentioned as 'good fashion examples' were white and old school.

Dear god, I'd hate to think of your opinion of my little sister sporting red and pink hair, black nail polish, and black lipstick to my bridal shower. Quite frankly, I was just happy she was alive to see it.

Robyn the examples could have just as easily been Amad Rashad or OJ Simpson. I didn't post them.

Now old school, that I can't argue with.

I think it is just a bit racist to expect someone to fill some sort of quota when discussing anything, although I don't believe that's how you meant it, Robyn.

I wasn't talking about the men in the suits, I was talking about the suits. I didn't mention James Brown when I talked about Terry and Howie, because J.B. never played in the NFL. He is, however, an excellent example of an elegant dresser, one who would not seem out of place anywhere. As long as I am filling quotas, I could mention Eric Dickerson, who always looked good when he was on The NFL Today on CBS. Marcus Allen and Deion Sanders are currently on that show, and they look well put-together.

Is that better? Gosh, I sure don't want anybody to even for a minute imagine that I'm a racist.

And I don't believe it affects my point, which is that there is a style, manner, or way of doing things if you will, that you can count on to fit in most anyplace, and be at least pleasing to almost anyone. Given two job candidates of equal qualifications, I will bet that a prospective employer will choose the most tastefully dressed, professional looking one. Excuse me, please, if that assertion comes out sounding racist--it isn't what I meant.

I said it was a crummy thing to piss all over that boy's grad night, because there isn't any point in doing so. He's moving on to high school, he is someone else's problem. But I think it will be helpful to him if he learns a restrained way of doing things. If someone can teach him that in a tactful manner (not telling him he looks like a pimp on his big night, for instance), wouldn't that be a good thing?

But that's just the point -- not everyone sees that style of dress as pimp-like. I certainly don't. Perhaps if you're an honors student that stands out ever so slightly, people will remember you -- and not always within conservative boundaries either. That's not always such a bad thing.

And if you think Deion has never worn a purple suit, you haven't been watching NFL Sunday coverage for long -- be it after a game, or doing commentary. Did you catch the suit he wore when the Redskins announcement was made? He's known for his fashion choices -- and I happen to call it style.

Not for nothing, but I think that kid looks fly in that suit.

I think that it's realy sad that these kids were reprimanded for dressing up. Yes, maybe they are a bit overdressed, but it shows an interest in looking their best. Isn't that better than kids that refuse to wear dress up clothes or dress like little hookers in training? Aren't there far worse things going on in schools for the administrators to worry about?

I think all of them look very sharp.

Just who is it here who really knows how pimps dress? Are we using examples from actors playing them on teevee -- because I can tell you that's as close as I've come to seeing "a real pimp." I can tell you, merely from observation, that African-Americans seem to like to wear bright colors, at least in Florida, and quite frankly they look good in them, especially when in suit form. I went to breakfast at Perkins one Sunday and there was a family there dressed in their church-going best. There were about five kids -- the male members of the family had on suits each a different color. And they all looked fabulous -- much better than the sweatpant-and-pullover-wearing white tourists. Much better than my jeans-and-t-shirt-clad self. And much better than the funeral shades stick-up-the-ass people like Mike James wants everyone to wear so they won't scar his delicate sensibilities with nasssty bright colors they hurts his eyeses yessss Precioussss...

It's all a matter of taste, see.

Pimps or not, racist or not, they all looked good. Like Michele said, it's better than sporting pr0nstar getup.

No offense, but the principal IS a stupid bigot. I see a guy in a suit, I nod respectfully, not think "pimp." Who'd accuse a white kid of being a "pimp" in that suit?

Principal's just stupid. It's NICE to see kids dressing sensibly, instead of looking liek assembly-line produced rapper assholes. And that's my three cents.

smacks forehead
I cannot even believe this was an issue!

It was an evening of fun. Who is to say that this kid is going to wear a purple suit to an interview?

And even if he DID, if he was qualified for the job, the suit wouldn't matter. Unless of course, he cut the crotch out of it or somthing equally inappropriate!!


I look at the kid, and the first thing I think is "young man dressed up - like maybe for church" not "pimp". But then, I'm not a fan of Blaxploitation movies so maybe I don't have that image in my mind.

I think the kids look great. I'd love to see more people taking a little care in their dress.

I always overdress for stuff, it's a result of the way my parents raised me. I'm often the only woman in a dress at a church event or a school function.

I saw an elementary school child with "angel" stitched across her ass yesterday. She also had on a VERY cropped top with "cheer" on it.....and a little headband with "somethingsostupidandinappropriateIcan'tremember" written across it.

What in the hell is this world coming to when ELEMENTARY SCHOOL kids are wearing this shit???

I'm with you, Michele. We should be rewarding kids for being neat, clean, appropriately attired. I'm sick of seeing little girls looking like they should be pole-dancing down at LIPPSXXXX Exotic Dance Emporium (for the discriminating gentleman). And, the boys? Hell...anything to not be looking at their underwear as their pants fall off them from under their torn and dirty shirts.


Those three kids in the pics you posted all look like they're PROUD to be graduating! And they should be.

A pimp? Not hardly.

He's missing the fur hat.

As noted above, most of my ideas about what pimps would wear come from movies and TV, not real life, but... come on! A colorful suit does not make me think 'pimp'. If anything, I'm envious that the young man looks so good in it. If I stray out of the 'old school' suit colors, I would look dreadful.

The kid is wearing a suit. Having a bright or subdued color for a suit is a matter of taste over which reasonable people can disagree. To justify barring a kid from attending his graduation, you need a helluva lot better reason than that.

It's very hard for me to see how you can avoid calling the decision racist.

May be time to add educators to the "Kill First" meme.

In SF the school board wasn't reporting the 30%+ daily truancy rate in "lower socio-economic" neighborhoods for fear of stigmatizing them.

These asscakes need to have their dumb asses fired...they're too effing stupid to be in the same proximity as children.

First: the suit plays a deep medium blue on my screen - like the car in the lot behind him.

Second: The cut is conservative. I remember when it was radical in the 90's. Hugo Boss started the 4 button thing. Very hip.

I do not see any substantial difference between the girls' outfits at all - except the girl's who was excluded looks a little more expensive.

So maybe this isn't a racist issue, but a classist one.

(I'd go to any nice restaurant with these kids. They look like they know how to use a fork.)

Here's the principal's side of it, in the interest of thoroughness:

East Lake Academy Principal Apologizes For Graduation Flap

She claims that this matter was discussed with the kids, and a letter was sent to the parents in March. If her words are anything to go by, this didn't just materialize out of the blue. Maybe she was a touch exasperated, having gone to some lengths to set a policy, which she and the district were within her rights to do.

None of this makes it acceptable to tell a little boy he looks like a pimp, of course. I think the thing to do would have been to sigh quietly to oneself, and get the graduation over with, and go home to the sweet oblivian of a smooth Canadian whiskey, or other fine beverage. Try to have a dress code at next years' graduation, repeat until retirement.

The principal would have been on much firmer ground if she had simply enforced a blanket ban on all formal attire, rather than making up the rules as she went along. I don't think the pimp comment was just an accident.

In the big picture though, why would anyone want to make up a bunch of controversial rules about graduation anyway? It's supposed to be a happy time, but some administrators are so infatuated with their own power they have to exert their it up to the very last instant they possibly can.

Having had the unfortunate experience of seeing a pudgy teenager in short skirt that showed her ass cheeks as she walked, I have come to the conclusion that my daughter will wear nothing but amish dresses from now on. or maybe chainmaile. aw, hell, full plate armor......
(yes, the new meds are working fine, thanks for asking)