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who you are says a lot about you!

Another one of those inane studies:

The music you listen to may say more about you than you think, according to new research findings that suggest that our choice in music reflects our personalities.

Do you enjoy blues, jazz, classical and folk music? You may be intelligent, tolerant and politically liberal, researchers report.

Meanwhile, country and religious music fans tend to be cheerful, outgoing, reliable and conventional, while alternative and heavy metal music lovers tend to be physically active, curious risk-takers.[empahsis mine]

Yep. Here I am, sitting at the computer, all slouched and comfortable. Maybe tapping my foot in time to the music counts as physicall active?

And hell yes, I take risks. Why just now I tucked my leg under my ass, knowing full well that if I stay that way too long, my foot will fall asleep.

I could do these studies with my brain turned off.

Hey, if you like the color black, you are probably moody and write poetry.
If you prefer coffee to water, you are probably full of energy and talk real fast.
If your favorite cartoon is Powerpuff Girls, you probably collect Hello Kitty paraphenalia and giggle a lot.
If your favorite website is drbizzaro.com, you probably don't have much of a social life and you use a lot of tissues.

See how easy that was? I didn't even need a government grant to do it.

via pejman


Excellent observations. When I have a document deadline at work I put on the headphones and listen to Ramstein or Metallica. Physically active not!

I like that "We like the moon" song at rathergood.com, so what does that say about me?

Heh heh. I prefer coffee to water, and my metabolism still seems to be set on "snail."

Well, I’m a very conservative couch-potatoe (see, I even spelled it like Dan Quayle), and I enjoy jazz and what one supervisor dismissively described as “head-banger” music. Does that mean I’m supposed to be a physically active, liberal intellectual? I did not get that memo . . .

Michele, the secret is to NOT release the findings of your study till the government or some major corporation has given you cash to find out what you know.
Look, if some clown in California can get a school grant to buy a motorhome and travel to a years worth of races to study the culture of NASCAR fans, then you could have gotten at least $100 for those four lines.

Michele! Sistah! Preach on!

Kee-rist. So, when I listen to my new Chevelle CD, it makes me want to go climb mountains or something?

Funny, all I really want to do is turn up the volume.

I use the remote for that.

u r so sessy

And I listen to 80s music, so that must be I'm garish and can't dress to save my life.

Ummmmm... that part is true, actually.

I listen to "all of the above" kinds of music. I guess I'd make their study explode.

Well, hold on a minute - I like all of the mentioned categories except country and (most) religious music, and I'm grouchy, introverted, a slacker, and stridently unconventional.... _ (one caveat: "liberal" only applies to me in the Jeffersonian, pre-1960s sense)

I'll lay claim to liking anything that makes researchers shudder and leave me the hell alone. Sound effects records, heavy on the breaking glass and gunshot ricochets. Or Vicki Carr.

One night after he finished swinging his penis just out of reach of his cheering fans, Jim Morrison of the Doors, set on a wooden crate back-stage and in the quiet darkness noted that if other people did not also feel that music was your only friend, then they had to be tone-deaf to the secret messages that even crickets understood and deficient of vitamins that make wolves howl and frogs croak at night. With the survey's logic, anyone who listens to the Doors' music must be inherent penis swingers. Of people who attend a Star Trek convention, the fans that dress as Klingons must have real life personalities that are different from the group who follow Spock and the pointed-ears Vulcans, or otherwise why in the world would they have favored one particular costume over another. The kind of correlations that the survey espouses takes place on a daily basis on the search engines of the Web. When you type in a couple of words in the search window, and click the go button, you get a couple of thousands of matching results, not a cohesive group. In order to have any semblense of accuracy, the music survey would have to specify each and every song in whatever category that their sample listens to, similar to refining your search criteria on the Web. According to the survey's formula, if the fans of one genre of music have similar personalities, then the musicians in that genre must, more so, be from the same mold and use the same brand of toothpaste. The only kind of generic labeling that has an appeal, when you pretty much can put the square in the square-shaped hole and the triangle in the triangle-shaped hole and the star in the American Idol dressing room, is accents. Anyone with a New Jersey accent, comes from New Jersey. They don't come from anywhere else. There is recorded in the annuals of Ripley's Do knots, stored somewhere in the dust-laden bins of the collector's private reserve of unusual artifacts, between the macabre and the hilarious, the case of a certain Mr. Jones whose first one-thousand consecutive people named krap that he met were all survey takers. Mr. Jones assumptions is not unlike today's music survey in that he presumed all Kraps in the world were also survey takers. In fact he used Krap in place of the word "survey taker" when social conversation would broach the topic. But that's just one bloggee's personal opinion, on one day in June.

Oh, I wish I had thought a little more about what drbizzaro.com might be before blindly trying to satisfy my curiosity. Ew. How the hell did you know about it and how long did it take you to kill the popups?