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caption/photoshop time

Have at it.

I had to hide the photo in the extended entry because I didn't want to frighten small children who may stumble upon this site.

So, caption, photoshop, do you whatever you want to the photo. Winner - to be judge by myself at whim - gets a copy of the Summer Driving CD I am on the process of completing (with your help of course)


[Thanks to Ken Summers for the photo]

and, as usual, if no one responds, the post will magically disappear as if it never existed.


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As Bill comes clean with yet another of his "Great Sexploitations", Hillary struggles to maintain interest.

"And finally in our Women's Studies 101 course, we come to the type of pornography plastic surgeons masturbate over."

"I'll never go drinking tequila with Michele again"

"Harvey Fierstein relaxes after the Sunday's performance of Hairspray: The Musical."

"Lo-vin' me is easy 'cause I'm beautiful..."

"Shouldn't have had that chili relleno for lunch."

its'sa vas rightcon wingspiracy....

"Perhaps listening to my book on tape during the morning commute wasn't such a great idea after all..."

IMO Mike (#7) is the one to beat (if that's possible).

Well nigh perfect.

No caption, but, oh my goodness, that's frightening!

"Ok, get the airbrush out so you can take the picture for my book."

Hillary for President!
(insert photo here)
She CARES about you!

"Some day, Strom Thurmond is going to notice me, I just know it. If I just keep staring at him. Feel me, Strom. Feel me. I want you to dip your bald head in oil and. . ."

"Yessss...I feel it...it is time for me to feed on the blood of another young virgin."

"I still can't figure out what Bill saw in those other women..."

Have you ever looked at Strom Thurmond? No, I mean really looked at Strom Thurmond? Awww, dude, Daschle, don't bogart the Cheetos.

Hilary tries the old Calvin and Hobbes "Painted eyeballs on ping-pong balls" trick to feign interest while she napped through another Senator Byrd rant on the Senate Floor. Even the ping pong balls lost interest.

Yes dear, you didn't have sexual relations with that woman. No dear, I don't know what the meaning of the word is is.

"The Picture of Dorian Rodham"

"Where old cellulite goes to die"

"Sally Struthers completes hour number 248 of her Save-The-Children telethon"

"[Andy Rooney]D'j'ever wonder what they did with the material leftover from Nancy Pelosi's facelifts?[/Andy Rooney]

Meth. It's what's for dinner!

The force is strong with you, young Skywalker...

Helen Thomas, 2001.

That's the last wake 'n' bake wednesday for me!

I don't know what all the fuss is about. So what if I have a little cheese on the taco?

I'm perky enough to host reality TV, too! Monica ain't got nuthin' on me.

"If only my mother had taught me to swallow instead of spit..."

Mental note: The next time Janet Reno invites me over to do body shots with "the girls", make sure I don't have committee meetings the next day.

well shit!

"Damn, that Reno can flat wear a girl out"

I should win on grossness alone.

Yes, I know, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.....

"Pull my nightie down when you're finished."

Here’s Hillary Rodham Clinton
Rumored guider of the nation.
Such rumor, on its face is
As you see, without foundation.

Yes, Hillary Rodham Clinton,
As a Pol, appears a bold one.
Experienced visage showing
There’s no whore quite like an old one.

"Got Botox?"

"Wonder if Robert Byrd will notice me now?"

"The Ring 2: 2008...."

"I still can't figure out what Bill saw in those other women..." by Chrees is my absolute favorite!

Design for the $.69 first class stamp.

"2000 ... 2001 ... 2002 ... 2003 ... 2004 ... yeah ..."

"Legislating sucks. When do I RULE?"

This medication is not for everyone. Please consult your doctor. May cause certain side effects such as: server ugliness, fatigue, and anal leakage.

"Shortly after Dorothy broke into the Senate with a bucket of water..."

When is Ted ever going to quit it with the pull my finger joke...I can't beleive I actually let him feel me up.

And it's Sharon Stone that's going to play her in the fictional CBS infomercial instead of helen Thomas?


That asshole Al Gore couldn't even carry his home STATE! I should have run un in 2000, why didn't I? Now I am stuck here in the Senate listening to Byrd ramble on about, oh whatever he is babbling about now - is the coloreds again?

We had the best economy, we knew about UBL longer than that retard Bush was in AA, Reno was taking care of 10 year old wetbacks for me... I should have run in 2000, I would have turned this country in a socialist utopia by now! Damn you Al Gore...

"Who the hell am I going to get to have sex with Bill so I don't have to, and how much is it going to cost?"

"Will Robert Byrd ever shut up? How many more years of this legislating crap do I have to sit through before I can run for president?"

"OK, number three hundred ten....you say your name is Bambi.....you met the former president at the Plaza lobby....can you continue with your story please...and at what point did he drop his pants...."

"Y'know, I still can't figure out where Chelsea gets her looks from?"

They're just gonna think I'm that Martha Stewart bitch anyway.

...and so, Med Students, just as our previous picture showed a 39-year-old face on the body of a 79-year-old person, THIS picture...


"How long did he say I should retain that enema?"


"I'll... tell them... I din't... inhale... No...
Bill used that..."

A Senator (ugly and scorned)
Whose hubby (cuckolded, horned)
Had interns go down
With HER not around
And thus was justice suborned !

"I can't believe that my career depends on these unwashed, slack-jawed Long Island yokels. Thank God they're buying my book, but just look at them. Not a one in the bunch could GET INTO Radcliff, let alone graduate. How did I ever end up here?"

Ah, now we know why Barney Frank's gay.

Why the hell did I sign up for the committee on blogging?

"God I miss the U.S.S.R."

"Ohoh. No...No Bill please, not the sax again. ..Aw geez."

In RI'yeh, Great Cthulhu sleeps

It was tough being the Madam of all those young interns.

Oh yeah, that's a great idea.... FOR ME TO POOP ON!

"He never even offered me a cigar ... not even to smoke."

Bill Clinton was seen at today's Lesbians for Life luncheon wearing his wife's wig. In a room full of sensible shoes he was the only one in heels. "I'm a lesbian in a man's body" he explained.

Geez, what was in that bong hit?!?

your a fag, right?

Xkot wins. I'm still laughing.

"re-writing history takes a lot out of you"

To The American People: "And if I DO win the presidency, your suffering will be legendary, EVEN IN HELL!"

ok my first sucked, here's the real one:

Addressing the American People: "And if Elected, I promise to uphold the blah blah blah and get America on the right track and.....snore.......what!? I'm Awake, I'm Awake!

"What do you mean my prostate is swollen? Do I even have a prostate?"

"Maybe that size ten butt plug was just a little too big."

"I tried to read the book those folks wrote for me but it put me to sleep."

[monotone]"Oh baby... oooohhh... Bill baby, your such a man... slam me with your man-meat..."[/monotone]