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the parting of the red sea

To all the ladies:

There is a reason you don't wear tight sweatpants in public. Especially at school functions where young, impressionable children may be scarred for life by your cameltoe.

Let this be a lesson to you. You never know when some horrified person is standing by with a camera.

[click for bigger pictures, but don't say I didn't warn you]

The fashion police are always near.


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Nice clam. Or whatever that design on the leg is supposed to be.

Beware the camel toe!

damn, that had to hurt, how could she stand that being all up in her twizzat like that? damn!

And to think, it took the New York Times 680 words to describe what you show so, um, well.

That's more like a Camel Club Foot than just a toe, really.

bwahahaha! nice camel toe...lol

Isn't that uncomfortable? Way to get the picture on the sly.

Nice job. And you went WAY out on a limb posting it as well. That spiffy outfit is way too recognizable.

I have to face a co-worker in a meeting every morning that has this same problem...how can she NOT know? I have even gone as far as sharing this discovery with other co-workers and needless to say we could not tell you what the morning meetings have been about for the past month because all we can think about is THAT munching before our eyes!!!

Damn. That's probably the most offensive thing I've ever seen. More offensive than Corky Romano.

wow. would you believe that it was just this month i learned what a camel tow is!

i meant toe- i hate this carpal tunnel and typing with one hand.

This post wins "SUBJECT LINE OF THE YEAR AWARD!", given by me, whenever I feel like it.

Fantastic photojouornalism, BTW!

Michele ... did she start to wonder when you asked her to turn and face the sun?

i think you can get arrested for that in georgia.

That's so far up her crotch she can taste the Downy fabric softener!

Case closed on having mirrors go no further down than the waste.

I had a similar happenstance on AmtraK with a groovey punk dude in spandex. I shot a pic from under the table in the drinking car but forgot to turn off the flash on my camera! My co-travelers and I STILL pee over it........to this day.

Ow! Ow! Ow!


My eyes! My eyes!

You are the sly one aren't you? How did you get that shot?

I work in a retail clothing store. I recently tried to explain to a woman why some pants were a bad idea without ever saying the word "camel" or "toe" or in any potentially lawsuit-inducing way referring to her, uh, naughty bits.

Then her 11 year old daughter came into the fitting room and said, "EWWWW! Mom! Those give you a CAMEL TOE!"

My manager smiled at me benignly as they left, "I can tell you're new," she said, "You're still trying to save them from themselves."

Prime directive of retail. Don't intervene. Unless you're those girls from BBC (who are trained professionals), let them put on whatever makes them feel good. Otherwise, it can turn ugly. Well, ugliER.


She could pick a pencil up with that.

There's a time it stops being camel toe and it becomes mooseknuckle. This is mooseknuckle.


It's a sad, sad world we live in.

Yet more proof that Spandex is Not a Right.
This also might be Why They Hate Us.

Moose knuckle? That's a damn moose fist. Two of them.

Camel toe...interesting and some thing you folks at home don' t have to go to the desert or the zoo for:)

ps. And Corky Ramono was funny, in a very stupid way:)lol

What's with tight sweat pants anyway? I thought that was the whole point of putting on sweats. They're supposed to be LOOSE.

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'm fifty! Fifty years old! I can kick, and I stretch and I can KICK!

I'm laughing and wondering if you got their faces in the shots just to fool them into thinking that you were taking an innocent pic or if you just aimed the camera at their crotches and snapped - and were your kids their to die of embarassment.

I don't suppose the reason for this post has anything to do with my song suggestion for driving tunes, does it?

In case you missed it:
Camel Toe

gouges her burning eyes out with her trusty spork

Good Lord! I don't know how the Hell some people can leave the house dressed the way they do! Doesn't that shit HURT?!

That reminds me of my friend's college roommate who got vaginitis from wearing pants that were too tight.

Oh good grief. Did she actually pose for this photo?

There's a song about that :